5 Reasons Most Diets Fail, In The Longer - Term!

Studies, and surveys, indicate, the vast majority of Americans, seek to lose weight, and go, on some sort of diet, over - and - over - again, with a majority, of these attempts, failing to provide, the desired results! How many times, have you seen, read, or heard, an advertisement, or marketing, for a particular approach? This includes, major brands, some selling specific foods, as well, as a variety of other types. While, some people are successful, in dieting, there are probably, many reasons/ causes, why, so many others are not! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, most diets seem to fail (or have, less - than - stellar - results).
1. Willpower: Losing weight, often, requires, and takes, a significant degree of willpower, to overcome, our urges, to splurge, eat something, or avoid an exercise regimen! This is why, most people, should, prior to embarking on this journey, take a moment (or more), and do some, objective introspection, and/ or, a check - up, from the neck - up! Unless/ until, one realizes, it will take true commitment, and a strong - will, to achieve, any significant, weight - loss, especially, long - term, the chance, for success, is limited!
2. Persistence/ boredom: Many become bored, with eating the same foods, over, and over, again! This boredom, often, creates, a weakening, in their discipline and commitment, etc! Do you have the persistence, to maintain your efforts, despite, getting, weary - of, them?
3. Personal motivation: A diet, in order to succeed, requires/ needs, someone, to proceed, with considerable amounts, of personal motivation, and a strong reason, to maintain, the commitment, discipline, and persistence, needed, to achieve one's weight loss goals! In other words, why do you want to go on a diet, and how important is it, to you?
4. Path - of - least - resistance: Let's face it - most diets take effort, work, and may not be, too much fun! One does so, in order to lose some, unwanted, pounds, either for health reasons, or to look better, in a bathing suit, etc! Therefore, when one is tempted, he often, opts, for, a path, of least resistance, rather than, sticking - to, his program, etc!
5. Insufficient commitment and discipline: Since, dieting takes a concerted amount of commitment, and degree of discipline, many people, often, lack, the level, needed, and necessary, to make one's plan, a reality!
If you want to lose weight, for whatever, personal reasons, etc, achieving your objectives, often, requires, proceeding, in a better, long - term, manner, and using, an approach, which might have the best chance, to work, for you! Are you ready, for this process?
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