Apartments in Marathahalli are located in the south eastern part of the city of Bangalore. As with most Information Technology hubs in this city, this micro market transformed from a small peaceful neighborhood to the bustling micro market it is today. This growth began in the early 1990s. Nearly three decades later, the micro market has witnessed tremendous amount of growth. There are many reasons to invest in this micro market. Let’s explore them below.

Information Technology domination

It is a known fact that centers of employment are cash cows when it comes to real estate. Where there are chances of employment there will always be property buying opportunities. Bangalore is one of the biggest centers for Information Technology. As such the real estate sector here is driven by the companies which are in the Information Technology domain. Marathahalli happens to be one of the prime Information Technology hubs within the city. This ensures that the micro market
will always remain profitable come hell or highwater.

>Accessibility to other Information Technology hubs

Buyers will always be attracted to places which have good accessibility. Marathahalli is blessed with great connectivity. What can make this more attractive is that it is well connected to the other premier Information Technology hubs of the city. Established Information Technology hubs such as Whitefield, Electronics City and the upcoming hub like Sarjapur Road can be accessed from Marathahalli. Besides the Information Technology micro markets, the area is also connected to the Outer Ring Road. So it scores well on connectivity.


The going rate for apartments in Marathahalli stands at INR 5800 per square feet on average. The price range between INR 4700 to 7300 per square feet. The micro market is an amalgamation of all price points. There is everything for everyone. An independent home here costs about INR 7200 per square feet on average. The property buying process here will not be too tedious as the supply situation here far out strips the demand side of things.

Physical infrastructure

The National Highway 7 runs through this locality. Any micro market which has a major connector running through it will always have a standing in terms of real estate. Even though there is no metro connectivity here presently, this situation is being remedied. The Outer Ring Road Metro Line will have a metro station at Marathahalli. This will enhance the connectivity of this micro market. This in turn will contribute to shoring up the real estate fortunes of the micro market. Even though there are problems such as water scarcity which plagues this locality, overall the physical infrastructure here is quite alright.

Social infrastructure

Since the area is an Information Technology hub, the social infrastructure here is up to par. There are good schools, colleges, hospitals, retail outlets and any other social infrastructure that you can think about.
Micro markets such as Marathahalli hold steady during turbulent times because they have many factors going in its favour. So don’t think twice about investing here if you come across a home that fits your needs.

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