The engagement season is here. It starts at Thanksgiving and lasts up to Valentine’s Day. If you are also looking forward to dropping the big question to your partner during the holiday season or in the coming season, then let us help you choose the right ring. 

Engagement rings come in various new shapes and sizes every year, but the oval diamond engagement ring still remains one of the most classic rings for proposals. 

Oval diamond rings have adorned the fingers of many celebrities like Serena Williams, Ariana Grande, Kourtney Kardashian, and more. So why are oval diamond rings so popular amongst couples? So here are five reasons why you should opt for an oval diamond engagement ring for your proposal.
1. It’s Affordable!

Simply put, oval diamond rings are similar to round diamond rings. Where they differ is that an oval cut provides more bling for your buck, as an oval diamond appears larger than a round diamond ring. 

For example, a 3 ct. oval diamond ring and a 3 ct. round diamond ring may have the same carat weight, but due to the oval cut, the former will take up more space on your finger and appear to be more impressive. It’s definitely a smart buy as an average oval diamond engagement ring costs around 25% less than a round diamond engagement ring.
2. Unique Design

The big difference between round and oval-shaped diamond engagement rings is the bow-tie design that they come with. The angle of the facets over an oval diamond’s widest area produces a bow-tie look. Due to this, the area refracts lesser light than the shorter area creating a shadow at the very center. Every oval-cut gemstone will have this shadow, however to varying degrees ranging from hardly perceptible to severe. 

Many alternative ring designs are available since oval diamonds can be put in either an East-West or a North-South orientation (horizontal or vertical). 

Oval diamonds look fantastic, when highlighted with a sparkling halo, pave, or a trilogy setting for added sparkle. You can choose whichever orientation suits your desire. Experienced jewelers will tell you that an oval diamond bow tie is just one of the numerous features that makes it attractive and distinctive.
3. Versatile Style Selection

The oval-cut diamond engagement ring design is very versatile in design. Whether it’s a romantic blend with pave embellishments and vintage milgrain (jewelry design technique where small beads of metal are used to create borders) or a more minimalistic style with a simple band, there is a wide variety of styles for you to choose from. Additionally, oval-shaped diamonds are incredibly versatile and complement different kinds of settings.

Following the current surge in popularity, many jewelers are developing innovative new styles that complement the oval diamond ring. Thus, there is a unique style out there for everyone because of the expanding selection of designs created to keep up with the rise in demand. 

After all, each person has their style and preferences, particularly when selecting engagement rings and other jewelry. Remember that there is no right or wrong design. You just need to pick something that you feel symbolizes your love best.
3. Less Prone to Damage

In comparison to other beautiful shapes, an oval diamond is less likely to chip since it lacks sharp angles or corners. Therefore, an oval diamond engagement ring is much more durable by design than other diamond engagement rings.

Due to this structural advantage, jewelers are more willing to experiment with the design, producing some of the most exquisite creations in the category.

Rest assured, your oval-cut diamond engagement ring will last several generations, immortalizing itself as an everlasting symbol of your love. 

Princess Diana’s hand held the most famous 12 ct. oval diamond engagement ring of her period in 1981. The oval diamond ring belonged to Princess Diana and was passed down to her son Prince Harry after her death in August 1997. Prince Harry later gave the ring to Prince William, who used it to pop the question to Kate Middleton in 2010. Such is the enduring legacy that the durable oval-cut diamond engagement ring brings to the table.
4.It’s Always In Fashion

It is safe to say that diamond rings hit their peak with the introduction of the oval-cut diamond ring design. No other diamond ring design has stood the test of time as oval diamond rings have. They have been around for centuries but were brought into prominence as the oval engagement rings we know today, first in the 60s. As designers combine traditional and contemporary aesthetics to create new oval diamond engagement ring designs, most buyers are spoiled for choice. 

The recent rise in the popularity of oval diamond engagement rings can be attributed to the various celebrities whose hands it has adorned. As mentioned before, oval-cut was the ring that Prince Willam used to propose to Kate Middleton. 

Similarly, Hollywood celebrities such as Blake Lively don a pink oval-cut diamond engagement ring that was presented to her by her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Thus, the ring has always and will always stay relevant as the best diamond engagement ring.
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