Are you looking for an instant personal loan? Apply with Peer to Peer lending platforms immediately to get the cash directly into your bank account in a hassle-free manner. Apply with a reliable and accredited P2P lending company that meets your loan requirement.

Are you worried about how to get an instant personal loan? Are you tired of heavy documentation work and endless formalities for approval?

It is time to explore Peer to Peer (P2P) lending platforms for Instant Personal Loan. When you are in dire need of money every second count and getting cash instantly will be the need of the time. With the help of P2P lending you can immediately crowdsource the financing you need. Several online money lenders will invest in your loans and will fund your request in minimum possible time. The interest rates start at 12% per annum with EMI payback option. As an applicant, all you need to do is sign up online with an RBI registered platform.

Attractive Features and Benefits of P2P lending for Online Personal Loan:

1.Loan Amount starting from ₹15,000 and up to ₹10,00,000:

Peer to Peer lending platforms understands that not everybody’s requirements are similar. Depending upon the various situations your financial requirements vary. Hence, they offer a wide range of loan amounts starting from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 1 lakh to keep you covered in the time of your need.

2.No Branch visit and physical documentation:

Desperate times need desperate calls. An individual in an emergency may not enough time to run around and arrange paperwork for a loan. Hence, peer to peer lending platforms has worked out the simplest online documentation process for an Instant Personal loan. You just need to sign up online and upload all the documents required. Thus, saving you a lot of time and effort.

3.Hassle-free Loan Processing:

Peer to Peer lending platforms facilitates e-approval. Depending upon your eligibility you will get the approval or disapproval status in the shortest duration. As you know the entire application process is online your funding amount will also get disbursed directly into your bank account in minimum possible time. To check your loan EMIs using faircent online personal loan EMI Calculator.

4.No collateral Required:

This makes the instant loans even more lucrative. Since the collateral is absent you will get even smoother and quicker approval with pocket-friendly interest rates. It makes personal loans most preferred an option for salaried and self-employed in urgent need of money.

5.Loan Tenure up to 3 years:

Emergency situations arise unalarming. A personal loan may provide you with an instant solution. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to carry this burden of one-time cash need for a long time. The maximum loan tenure offered by Peer to Peer Lending platforms is up to 3 years. It means after 3 years you are free from debt you applied for.

Bottom Line

Today, personal loans have become the primary choice of individuals to meet the emergency cash needs. With the availability of P2P lending platforms, it is easier to avail and qualify for a loan for any of your personal need. You can get a personal loan for marriage, medical emergency, debt consolidation, business funding, home appliance purchase and even for home renovation needs.
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