Siddhartha Medical College Tumkur is a known face for medical education and related services in Bangalore as well as in Karnataka. It started the journey of a medical college in the year 1988 under the aegis of Sri Siddhartha Educational Society (SSES). The institution holds the pride of being inaugurated by Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India. Located in Tumkur, far from the crown and loud of the Bangalore city, in its vast green 26 acres of campus, the institution offers the most advanced forms of pre and para-clinical education and related services to the community. It is affiliated to Sri Siddhartha University and approved by the Medical Council of India. Siddhartha Medical College Bangalore is now considered as one of the finest educational institutions of India along with 174 students studying medical and 223 academic staff supporting its teaching and training responsibilities.
In this blog, we will give 5 reasons in regards to Sri Siddhartha Medical College
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Reason 1: Calm, Peaceful & Stimulating Learning Atmosphere
Not all can handle the rigour of medical education. Students need to study hard to become a doctor. The college offers a peaceful and stimulating environment of interactive learning. Students studying Sri Siddhartha Medical College Courses, MBBS/ MD/ MS/ PG Diploma- all share their ideas openly and help others to grow and express in a better way. Tumkur City is an outskirts area, 76 km inside from Bangalore. The vast and welcoming campus of the college is standing large, with 21 buildings including a built-in area of about 73,875 sq. Mt.
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Reason 2: Well-connected with Bangalore City
Even if it is far from the city, for good reason, it is well connected with Bangalore via Honnavar National Highway, other road and railway lines. The aura of the Bangalore city should not be neglected. End number of hospitals, health facilities, medical service providers give students a king size platform of medical service exploration. Sri Siddhartha Medical College Admission is potential enough to transform you.
Reason 3: Larger Exploration Scopes
The college administration with responsible faculty members bridges the gap between stability and exploration while holding their students steady towards both. Students are encouraged and guided methodically to pick relevant exploration. Unique support and intervention offered by the teachers strive to make the initiatives taken by the students fruitful.
The college has also kept the Sri Siddhartha Medical College Fee Structure as flexible as possible to make the courses available to all the section of the society.
Reason 4: Attached Hospital and Information Centre
The college is actively attached to the SSMC Hospital, information centre and library settings. All these are present to support the transformation of the candidates from students to responsible & competent medical professionals. Students easily get chances to pour over the hospital case studies to get better ideas of diseases, diagnosis and treatments. Presence of these three features has played a major role for exclusive Siddhartha Medical College Ranking.
Reason 5: Dynamic & Enriching Research and Development Initiatives
Sri Siddhartha Medical College Reviews are filled with the mention of Research and Development initiatives taken by the faculty member, the scholars and the students of the college. R&D practices are crucial for sustainable learning and development. Based on the motto of " Sabbe Loko Hitatthaya" (Let all be Happy and Prosperous), the college shows a bit more interest in their research and development initiatives.
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