If you are planning to get your e-store built, look for a leading Magento development company to get your store built with Magento 2. This new version of the platform helps retailers to enhance the effectiveness of the sales because of its high flexibility and functionality it offers. 


If you have made your final decision of getting your own e-store built, the next step you need to take is choosing the right eCommerce platform of technology out of plenty available today with different features and functionalities. Choosing the best technology or platform is essential even for those who have already got their site online and want to migrate to a better option. 


Now, as per the studies and research works, it has been seen that most of the popular online shopping sites are built with Magento and the most recent ones are created with Magento 2, the latest version of the platform. To every online retailer today, Magento 2 offers an extensive and comprehensive solution. Magento 2 comes with a host of benefits for every eCommerce business. 


Magento 2 ensures to drastically facelift the usability, and popularity of online stores to a great extent. Want to know more about what has really made almost every eCommerce business owner looking for a Magento development company to get your shop designed with this platform and its new version now? 


Here are the reasons to get your webshop created with Magento 2. 


Magento 2 is much easier to use and manage:

Magento 2 has a pretty easy-to-use admin panel or interface that lets you manage the store configuration easily and effortlessly. Every time you won’t just have to seek help from professionals for making minor changes in the store. This version also provides a user guide that lets you know about how modifications made will reflect in the store. Overall, it ensures far simpler store management to the eCommerce business merchants. 


This new version is completely mobile responsive:

Magento 2 is itself designed to give a mobile responsive design to the stores. With your webshop created with this version, you can target the M-Commerce as well as the e-commerce markets. 


It is more customer-friendly: 

A customer-friendly website is always loved by online shoppers. If customers find your store difficult to navigate and a long and poor checkout process, it is more likely that they will simply leave your site and switch to some other better online shopping site. 


Magento 2 comes with its own set of themes and also lets you install some other external third-party themes as per your reference. All these themes ensure easy search of the products to your customers apart from other factors like an effortless add-to-cart, quick and simplified checkout and more. 


Magento 2 has a pool of customer-oriented features like order history, wish list, account information, and more. Magento 2 also offers easy integration with the most widely used payment gateways to let your customers feel safe and secure while entering the personal and banking details and making payments to buy their required stuff. 


Ensures to give your business and store a wider outreach:

This version of the eCommerce platform supports multiple currencies and languages. This feature lets businesses enjoy a wider reach with more customers across the world. 


Lets developers integrate other technologies:

Magento 2 offers high flexibility for integrating other technologies for shipping, payments, blogs, etc. With this version, it is possible to integrate some third-party tools and cloud and web services as well without any hassle. 


Apart from these, Magento 2 is also highly compatible, has a component-based structure, gives an easy search option to the customers, a much faster, smoother, and a simplified checkout system. 


So, these were the effective and beneficial features of version 2 of the platform. With all Magento 2 comes with, it ensures to boost your eCommerce business incredibly. So, no matter you want to build your new e-store or want to upgrade an existing one, go with Magento 2 for all your eCommerce needs.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is a skilled eCommerce developer associated with a reputed and reliable Magento development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. The author has years of experience and expertise in Magento development and has written several useful articles on Magento 2, the most recent version of the eCommerce platform.