Dental care is just as important as healthcare and your physical wellbeing. Paying a visit to your family dentist or any dentist every six months is essential. By this, you get the chance to find out if there is any oral problem. Surprisingly, your oral care has a lot of effect on your wellbeing and we will disclose how to you right now.
Here are five reasons why oral care matters!

1.Healthy Gums Lead To Strong Hearts

Often, one health problem leads to another. There are studies that have linked oral inflammatory diseases with the chance of a heart disease. Long-term exposure to bacteria leads to gum disease, which then leads to heart problem Gum diseases can increase the inflammation level throughout your body as well.

2.Healthy Mouth Could Mean a Healthier Pregnancy
Did you know that the frequency of visiting a dentist increase once you are pregnant? Pregnant women should take extra care of their teeth not only for themselves, but also for their babies. If a pregnant woman does not pay attention to her oral care, it could lead to a high risk of delivering a premature and low-weight baby. Pregnant woman with good oral health care give birth to babies that are healthy and weigh as much as full-term newborns should.

3.Connection between Gum Syndrome and Diabetes

It is a known fact that those who are a victim of diabetes are more likely to have gum disease. Surprisingly, a new study shows that severe gum syndromes can make it difficult for you to manage your diabetes. It affects blood sugar levels. The Canadian Diabetes Association describes periodontal disease as an infection in which bacteria produce toxins that eventually affect the metabolism of carbohydrates in cells.

4.Early Detection of Oral Cancer

When you go to the dentist for regular checkups, they check your soft tissues to see whether you are healthy or not. All dentists are trained to perform the cancer screening as a part of a regular dental checkup. Dentists are supposed to examine the patients tongue, lips, gums, and cheeks to find any cancer symptoms. Detecting oral cancer at an early stage is crucial. Patients that are diagnosed with oral cancer can only live up to 5 years. However, lifespan can be increased with an early diagnosis and right treatment.

5.Trying to Lose Weight? Go Brush Your Teeth

When you brush your teeth, you are indirectly telling yourself that you are done eating. This technique helps you control your portions, as you will be restricted to eat after brushing your teeth. If you begin to get tempted towards something unhealthy, just brush your teeth. Although, brushing your teeth freshens and cleans your mouth, nothing tastes good after. So, do not wait until your bedtime to brush; do it after eating so you can control yourself!
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