Toys are an important part in any child’s development for a number of reasons, not least of which is that early learning shapes the brain. Most toys can be stimulating in one way or another, but kids excavator toys open up a whole new world for children. Building sites hold a fascination for them and whenever they pass one, they love to stop and watch as the machines move the earth, lift the steel beams, mix the concrete, and dig!

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Toddler A Digger Toy

Gets them outdoor

Of course, it is possible to play on a digger toy inside the home, but it is not as much fun. Diggers are meant for just that—digging, and logic dictates that must be done outside—in a sandpit for example. Well, it is less messy than digging up your seed bed so it would be worth setting aside an area for the kids to play in nice, clean sand.

Good exercise

Any physical activity is good for your toddler. From the age of 12 months they are trying to walk and explore the world around them. By the time they get to two, most will be running around, burning up energy. Any toy that gets them working will help them control their actions and give them more purpose.

Improves hand-eye coordination

Using the digger, your toddler will develop motor skills and improve hand to eye coordination. They start to think ahead and plan their next move. When they are digging, they are thinking where to put the sand they just dug up. This builds up their cognitive skills as they try and understand the consequences of their actions.

Imaginative Play

When a child plays with toy machines, he or she is acting out a role. Children take in lots of things when they reach 2-years of age. They start to mimic your actions, like talking on an imaginary phone. They like to pretend to be other people, like a doctor or nurse. People they may have met or seen on television. Mostly, these will be hero figures to them, and often the roles evolve into super-heroes like Spider-man or Wonder-woman. They will remember the building site they passed and imagine themselves working those big machines. Fancy dress plays a part in this, so why not get them a hard hat and a tool belt to really look the part?

Teaches Sharing

There are some things a child will do on their own, but playing in a sandpit is something that is best done with others. They love to interact with friends or siblings. Sharing a treasured toy, like their new digger, is, however, not so easy for them. It is theirs and they want to play with it. They will soon learn though that, if they want others to play, they have to share.


When deciding what to buy your toddler for Christmas or for their birthday, construction vehicles are an excellent choice. Whether you buy a small remote-controlled digger or a large one they can sit in and operate, it doesn’t matter. They will make the most out of what they get, and you can sit back and enjoy watching the fun they have in the safe surroundings of your garden.

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