Congratulations on opening your first restaurant! Running a restaurant is no easy job. You will need to keep tabs on many aspects. One of those aspects is cleanliness of the kitchen and the restaurant. This is easily achieved with deep cleaning of the kitchen and the restaurant space. But, what most restaurant owners forget about is the exhaust and ventilation system.

If you forget about kitchen duct cleaning, then you will be stuck in deep muck. An unclean duct and exhaust system in your restaurant’s kitchen can cause a huge problem in the future. It would be intelligent to hire a professional team and have them assess the risks that your commercial kitchen may face. They will even direct you towards the right plan of action!

Why Consider Employing Kitchen Exhaust & Duct Cleaning Services?

Being a restaurant owner, you need all kinds of cleaning services. Agencies and companies like ACSUK Group offer a variety of services like ventilation system cleaning and kitchen deep cleaning as well. You need all of these services to run a successful business. The importance of cleanliness is important for every business, especially if you are related with the food industry. We will discuss the importance of cleaning ventilation system and kitchen later! This is the time for cleaning the exhaust and duct of the kitchen.

Here are the reasons, why you need them to be clean:

1. Compliance with the Fire code: All businesses that have fire as an aspect, need to work in compliance with the fire code. The same goes for restaurants as well (grills and stoves equal to fire). When you have your exhaust and ducts over fire grills cleaned, the crew (being professional) will know the law and codes. They will clean the grills accordingly and make sure that you do not suffer any fire code penalties.

2. Safety of the Restaurant: Have you heard of a restaurant that caught fire because of kitchen grease? You haven’t? It is quite common occurrence. Does it sound unbelievable? It may, but it can happen to any restaurant that does not take cleanliness seriously. The build-up of kitchen grease in the exhaust ducts can result in a fire! For the safety of your employees, the customers and the restaurant, always have the ducts cleaned at a regular interval of time.

3. Odour Removal: Have you been to restaurants that smell horrid? Hopefully, you do not want that to happen to your restaurant! There are many reasons for that. It can be smelly bathrooms, old sofas and table cloths. Another reason is the unclean exhaust ducts. They might become chocked with grease and not work efficiently. Old accumulated grease can also create horrid odour. So, you need to have all these aspects taken care of! Bathroom and linen is someone else’s department. But, the exhausts need to be cleaned with the help of exhaust cleaning crews.

4. Higher Quality of Indoor Air: Apart from the fact that accumulated grease releases bad odour, it can also be home of different microbes. This is released into the kitchen and restaurant with the odour, making the air contaminated. Even the food can be infected! Cleaning out the exhaust from time to time reduces the chances of such contamination.

5. Better Savings: With cleaner exhaust system, you will save on electricity bills. Do you have any idea how large a bill an inefficient exhaust system can create? Most probably not! Make sure that the exhaust system works efficiently with regular kitchen exhaust system cleanup!

Now, you and your business are sorted! You will be able to run an efficient and clean restaurant. Make sure you convey the issues of an unclean exhaust system to the chefs and sous chefs! They work on the grills and will be able to tell you when the next cleanup is due. If you have employed a reputed agency, then they will schedule the next cleaning session. Clean kitchen and exhaust systems are after all, one of the secret ingredients to a successful restaurant!

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