First of all you might ask what is Self Leadership? It is the aptitude to direct your life and mould it so that it is they way you want it to be. It gives you the capacity to take hold of the reins of your life so that you become the source of your success and it gives you the power of choice and therefore, freedom.

It will radically change your life forever in the following ways:

1.YOU BECOME AUTHENTIC – Do you know who you truly are? Do you know who you are beyond all the ideas that your family, friends, education and the mass media have conditioned you with and beyond all the impulses and desires of your small self? Imagine being profoundly connected to that deep authentic you that faintly grumbles that your life isn't in line with who you really are nor with your true potential. That small voice that you so often have blocked out that tells you that life has more meaning than this. When you are a self-leader your authentic self has a strong and dynamic voice, you know who you are, what is truly important in your life. You no longer compromise your life and joy because of how others define you, because of what they want from you or because you are driven by short-term impulses and desires that do nothing to give you long-term happiness.

2.YOU BECOME CREATIVE – One of the greatest abilities that you can develop is your creativity. A Self-Leader has highly developed creativity so that they can turn every challenge into an opportunity and every opportunity into a reality. You are constantly surrounded by opportunities and it is the creative mind that has expanded itself beyond normal limited thinking that is able to see these possibilities and the steps to materialise them.

3.YOU INCREASE YOUR SELF-BELIEF AND MOTIVATION – If you knew that you were guaranteed to be successful what would you choose to do? One of the main reasons why people do not reach their potential is because they simply do not believe that they can. Imagine that you were able to transform these limiting beliefs and see yourself from the eyes of your true potential. How would that transform your life? Self-leaders come to know their potential so well that they shift their limiting self-image expanding it to fit their authentic self. It is amazing how this shift changes gear on their motivation to take action and to develop the skills that they require in order to realise the best of who they can be. Realising their potential becomes an exciting challenge, even a game that is dynamic and exciting.

4.LIFE BECOMES DEEPLY SATISFYING – People with high levels of Self Leadership find that life becomes deeply satisfying because they no longer look for approval from others, instead they not only know who they are, what they are capable of, but they also centre their life around ethics and sound principles that give their life meaning. People who have high levels of Self Leadership have come to realise that happiness springs from knowing that you are a noble person in all that you say and do and that through this that you have elevated yourself to be the best that you can be at the same time as elevating those around you. These people realise that they have developed a life of joy and a life that is worth living.

5.YOU BECOME TRULY POWERFUL – People so often completely misunderstand power. They think it is a force that you can wield over other people. However, your true power lies in your ability to choose your thoughts and emotions. Imagine the power that you would have to direct your life if you were no longer run by your mind and the ups and downs of how you feel. Imagine if you were able to feel fully and directly engaged with your life and at the same time keep your mind and emotional state neutral. People who become truly powerful in this way, find that they lose all interest in controlling others because they are so excited about all that they want to create in their own life.

So you can see, by developing your Self Leadership, you no longer sit around feeling frustrated and disempowered, feeling that life is moulding you rather than you it and that it is out of your control to change the situation. Nor are you waiting for the solution to come from outside of you, from your job, your partner, your friends or any other source. You realise that by intimately knowing your authentic self, developing your skills, creativity, ability to manage your mind and emotions, shifting your limiting beliefs, centring your life around values that have meaning and around the call of your potential you find that you have a power beyond anything that you had imagined to create the life you truly desire.

Author's Bio: 

SadaNam Kaur TRANSFORMS LIVES. She is an expert in professional & personal mastery, social & emotional intelligence. A pioneering coach & profesional development consultant, through integrative and accelerated learning.

She has worked in personal development and coaching for over 20 years and has supported thousands of people to take the next step in their lives, through courses and 1:1 coaching.

She was one of the first people to develop coaching in the U.K.