Most households in the present times are known to be a witness to pest infestation, and it often varies depending on the geographical location, the things that attract pests such as food, wooden furniture, paper, etc. and several other reasons. Whenever you spot a pest of any type is it termites, ants, rats, lizards, cockroaches, etc. the first thing that comes to mind is taking appropriate measures that allow you to get rid of it.

Even though pest control professionals in Kolkata target the pests and take necessary actions to eradicate it, there are possible conditions that lead to such problems and that is often the surroundings that you live in. Taking note of such areas and accordingly taking precautionary measures is what you would know when you read along.


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The presence of a tree branch close to the wall or the roof

When you have a tree positioned right next to the house with a few branches in proximity to the walls or probably the roof, it makes a pathway for ants and termites to come into the house. Multiple rounds of pesticides do no good when they have a clear passage of entering the house once the effect is over. Let a tree expert help you by cutting or trimming certain portions of the tree and keeping it away from the walls of the house.

The sides of the house in contact with the soil

When the immediate wall of the house is in direct contact with the soil, things tend to become difficult for you to handle. Termites and carpenter ants come along and find a way into the house and accordingly attacking the furniture and paper. Creating a concrete barrier between the wall and the soil is likely to help out with keeping these pests away.

Drains clogged with dirt

It is often seen that the drains in most homes encounter a lot of dirt in the form of soil, dead leaves, plastics and other substances that prevent the free flow of the water. Accumulation of water or probably spillage from the drains tend to allow mosquito breeding and thus causing illnesses such as malaria or dengue. All efforts to spray pesticides go in vain unless you treat the clog and let the water to drain out smoothly.

Presence of wood or bamboo stacks near the house

If you have a stock of wooden planks or bamboos stored in your premise and need it for some reason in the days to come, store them away from the walls of the house. Any direct contact is likely to bring in termites and wood ants that is likely to go along and find warmer places in your furniture and destroy it simultaneously.

The presence of garden waste

If you have mowed the garden or probably have removed weed from the plants around you and haven’t disposed of them well, there are chances of pest infestation. Beetles, ants, flies, and mosquitoes tend to come along while staying in the house and causing havoc in your lives.  

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The author has had close associations with pest control professionals in Kolkata and writes this article to let people know about the reasons that cause pest infestation in households.