If you have a hands-on experience of traveling, then you might have heard so many airlines chime in their travel credit cards. And you wonder why on earth do you need to spend a hefty sum on a credit card? You can get a credit card for free, like seriously FREE, then why spend an annual fee of a hundred euros?

Well, it is quite understandable if you have ignored these chiming messages like any other seller’s pitch. The mere idea of spending on a credit card is scary, but many people happily do it – annually.


Because this is worth it!

Here are a few reasons enticing enough to let you reconsider your decision to buy a premium airline credit card:

You Can Earn for Spending:

A premium airline credit card rewards you signing up bonus points and Avios points on your daily spending. Isn’t it exciting enough to even imagine that your spending will turn into earning?

Like British Airline’s ba premium plus amex credit card gives you 25,000 Avios points for spending £3,000 in your first three months. And these points can help you relish many perks.

Big Expenditures Bring Big Bonuses:

Premium airline credit cards work on a simple law of Physics: if you add more mass, the weight will increase. It is that simple! These cards might charge you a big sum, but tailing benefits are more than other non-airline cards or cards with a small fee.

Bag Free Flights:

Imagine: you want to have a trip to the Maldives this summer vacation, but you don’t have a travel fee. Wouldn’t you be disappointed? But what if you can still pursue your trip to the Maldives without spending a penny on the ticket? Isn’t it miraculous? Well, this miracle can happen with premium airline cards.

If you have earned enough points, then you might get a reward of free flight ticket. Well, this does not happen all the time, but you never know. Luck can knock at your door any time, so open it.

On-Flight Perks:

You might have heard a lot about the class of executive airport lounges, and secretly dreamt of experiencing it one day. Well, a premium airline credit card can turn your some day in today.

Yes, if you have this card, then you can experience the executive airport lounges along with other plush amenities of business class.

Promising Next Trip:

You can easily plan for another luxurious trip with the Avios points. These Avios points are like your money. Besides rewarding you a free ticket, these points are also like your savings.
If you have enough points in your card, then you can add more items in your year-end vacation trip. And why not? You can afford them!

Beside all these enticing amenities of premium credit card, you also need to consider a few things. In case you are not a high spender or cannot pay back every month interest in full, then this card might not work for you. Moreover, don’t borrow or withdraw cash on these cards; you might end up in trouble.

And…you will not, and cannot get free tickets every time. It is based on luck! But still, maybe you will get to know a new fact about yourself. The fact that you are the luckiest person alive on this planet earth by winning a free ticket every time. You never know!

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