Most women are aware of hot flushes occurring just prior to menopause. Hot flushes however, find most of the off guard like they never knew. It is just the same way the monthly periods find some women not ready causing much embarrassment to them. Some symptoms of hot flushes are a feeling of too much heat on the face, fast heart beat and reddening of the face. It occurs two years before menstruation stops. The major cause of the hot flushes is the fluctuation of the hormones during that period of transition to menopause. This is one of the sure symptoms that menopause is around the corner. Women should be aware of the signs and symptoms of menopause so that they can take the required precautions since most of them fear seeking assistance. The following are reasons why most women don’t always tell their doctors about the hot flashes;

1. Fear of the hormonal treatments
Most women have heard too much about the hormonal treatment, but unfortunately, most of it is negative. This really creates a lot of fear among most women experiencing hot flushes. Some negative things are true, but most of it is always exaggerated. For instance, most women have been made to believe that hormonal treatment cause breast cancer which even scares them away from talking about hot flashes. This has some element of truth but estrogen therapy does not cause breast cancer; it actually reduces the chances of getting breast cancer. Doctors are always open about the effects of the hormonal treatment and therefore, women should talk with the doctors to be able to get the real picture. This will enable them to make an informed choice rather than running away from what they are not fully aware.

2. Its signs can be mistaken to other things
The signs and symptoms of hot flashes are general and have no unique sign to confirm it. Women therefore, fear telling the doctors about flashes because they sometimes think they are wrong about it. Most of its signs are like those for heart attack or flu. Most women therefore, are always in dilemma of whether to tell the doctor it is hot flashes or another disease. They also fear a situation where the doctors have to tell them that it is hot flashes.

3. Most women are in denial
Hot flashes are one of the major signs of menopause and with some women still in need of their fertility, they find it hard to believe it is hot flashes. They therefore, live in great denial and unable to express their states to anyone. They still want to make themselves believe that it is not menopause as a consolation. Since menopause is a great sign that a person is aging, they still want to imagine that they are still young. If a prayer were to be made, people would ask God to make growing stagnant just before hot flushes to avoid the experience and remain young. The best thing is to accept and seek menopause treatment to be able to live a vibrant life despite the menopause effects.

4. Most feel embarrassed about it
Hot flashes symptoms involve embarrassing happenings such as heavy sweating that can easily wet your clothes when you do an activity that requires some energy. The sweats may sometimes form some permanent layers of stain on your clothes that can force you to wear it like that because it can be very expensive to wear a cloth once and throw it. Most people always feel very demoralized to a point where they cannot even talk about it with anyone including the doctors. They prefer living with the embarrassment than talking about it. Women should recognize that it is every woman that will once undergo menopause to help them cope with the embarrassment.

5. Hope for natural healing
Most people don’t go to hospitals at the early stages of their diseases. This is because they always hope that the mild symptoms will just disappear by the power of their immunity. They don’t understand that hot flashes are not like the normal infection where the immunity can overcome. Especially now that most of it signs are like that of flu, the infection that is neglected by many. This is what makes them reluctant to talk to their doctors.

Society determines most of the actions that a person take. The reaction of the society towards those people experiencing hot flashes determines their confidence to talk about it. The negative reaction from the society towards hot flashes victims is what draws them away from even talking to the doctors since they also are members of the society.


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