Having a primary care physician is one of the smart choices to make no matter where you are in your life, there is always a strong sense of reliability when it comes down to having a family doctor in the house while most people want to rely on one single doctor for their entire lives and even have some doctors work for the same family for generations, having a primary care doctor is not seen being loyal anymore, rather more like a need of the century especially after the pandemic hit.

It is always important to look after your primary care physician options whenever you are starting a family, moving to a new neighbourhood, flying off or coming back from a vacation, looking for a birth control option, or simply wanting to discuss the possibilities of any health issues later in your life. According to one of the top medical specialists in Rawalpindi, these are all smart and safe options to consider when you have crossed 40 in your life.

If you are still considering whether you should have a primary care physician or not, here are five reasons to convince you to have a primary general physician for yourself.

1- You will bet the top of your health

Now I know many of us are least bothered about our health conditions and that is quite understandable as most of us get wrapped up in our daily hustles so much, however, an unhealthy lifestyle weighs in more drastically on your age than any other ways of doing so.

In a longitudinal set of studies, it was revealed that people who had direct access to a primary care doctor had a larger life expectancy as compared to people who did not go for regular visits. Now keeping you healthy is the main goal here, which is why staying up to date with your routine progress is crucial especially if you have a medical family background or are crossing 45.

People who stay up to date with their general physicians are often more informed about mammograms, CT scans, ultrasound reports, immunizations, vaccinations for their children, and their regulation of high blood pressure and diabetes. People with a history of diabetes are more recommended to have a primary physical physician as compared to others.

2- You lower your health care costs

Now you may think that's a ridiculous reason for having a general physician, but hear me out here, having a general physician who Is providing a full fledge of preventive care often has better access to lower costs and insurance plans. For example, if you have insurance for your teeth, every 6 months of the checkup will actually break down your insurance cost.

On the other hand, if you go for an annual checkup and get yourself a root canal, well chances are your insurance due to the huge cost bracket might not even consider Apart from that when you have regular appointment what happens next it that many upcoming health issues are tackled way beforehand and hence many forthcoming diseases are avoided on their own.

3- You save time

Staying updated with your health and addressing multiple health needs in short appointments from time to time is much better than walking into your doctor with one huge surprise of a disease. By taking full advantage of having a primary care physician you actually prevent a lot of diseases from developing beforehand.

In some cases, you even receive treatments the same day without needing an additional appointment. Using a primary care physician is a general physician or an internal medicine specialist. You can consult both of them for your medical assistance.

4- You will have a trustworthy health advocate and advisor

A primary care physician is not only our consultant but also your health advocate. The relationship that develops with your primary care physician is really important as with time you can actually seek insistence in other parts of life as well.

For example one of my doctor friends shared his experience from heart's international hospital, that the better your doctor knows you the better they will be able to assist you throughout your health care journey. Similarly looking at your medical health record a doctor might also help you direct about the possibilities of any disease developments in your family tree.

Find a primary doctor near you!

When you have a primary physician for you, you become more comfortable about your health journey and might feel less intimidated by the fast pacing disease discoveries. Every time you get along with a primary care physician you are assured that you aren’t starting from square one, so make sure you get started with your first medical appointment today!

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