1. Acumen digital rearview mirror challenges the definition of the traditional dashcam. It not only helps to effectively pick up and save all activities that occur while driving the car, but also expands your field of vision, ensuring your driving safety on the road.
  1. Acumen digital rearview mirror can be regarded as a witness, in case of any road offense which resulted in the damage of the vehicle. The most exclusive and unique feature of the Acumen digital rearview mirror is that it starts to record and store all data as soon as the engine is turned on. All these data stored serve as concrete evidence to be substantiated, in case of any instigation. Should the driver deny the accusation, the dash-cam video will be invaluable evidence to safeguard your interests.
  1. Ideally, all drivers and pedestrians obey traffic rules and nobody gets hurt and no property will be damaged. However, no matter how careful you drive, you can’t always grantee that other drivers won’t hit you. Even when your car is parked in the parking lot, there is a chance that your car might be scratched by a newbie driver. In the worst scenario, the driver flees the scene and you will never know who damaged your vehicle. But, if you had installed the Acumen digital rearview mirror which features the parking monitoring function, you will be able to catch the runner no matter how far he or she flees.
  2. Thanks to the mirror mount design, the Acumen digital rearview mirror project real-time footage on the digital screen which enables the drivers to see the backward traffic even if you stack your luggage to the roof of your car. It can also function as a backup camera to help drivers prevent back-over accidents of young children who are in the driver’s blind spots and, thus, avoid tragedy from happening.
  1. Last but not least, with the ability to support up to 128GB SD card, Acumen digital rearview mirror records non-stop, seamless dual-lens 1080p recording up to 12 hours before the footage gets overwritten, which enables road-trip lovers to record and memorize beautiful moments happen on the road.
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