When traveling on a business trip, vacation or family trip, you have the option to book a hotel or go to a serviced apartment. While both are very viable accommodation options, you may need to consider more about serviced apartments. The reasons are detailed below.

Why choose a serviced apartment?

1. More space and comfort.

Serviced apartments have twice the space of their hotel room equivalent. Regardless of whether you choose a 4-bedroom home or studio apartment, each will have a kitchen, bedrooms, and a fully equipped work / living area. Therefore, you will have more space that is very comfortable and cozy for you during your business adventure.

2. Profitable accommodation

Compared to hotel reservations, apartments offer more value for money. They also don't come with hidden costs like room service and drinks from bar charges. To add to this, they come ready with internet access. This makes them very ideal for the business traveler.

Since you hire a department of this type for several days, you also enjoy reduced prices per night. You can also avoid boardroom rental costs by simply organizing to meet your clients and business partners within the same apartment. This translates to more cost savings and value for money.

3. Flexibility

With an apartment, you can enjoy your own specially made home cooked meals. You can also hire a chef to cook in your apartment. When you want, you can also go out to eat. This gives you the choice and independence that any traveler really needs. This is different than a hotel room where you always have to eat out or go with the rigid menu items that your hotel offers. Such an apartment is like an extension of your home; A home away from home. For more click here https://www.servicedapartments.ae/

4. Quality

A serviced apartment comes with quality and high level furniture. You also get modern kitchen facilities, a well-organized living room, quality towels and toiletries, a first-class entertainment facility, and an amazing internet and communication system.

Basically, compared to a hotel room (and even your own home!), You get higher quality items and settings in a serviced apartment. His standard of living improves, at least for the time he will be living in this apartment.

5. Privacy

Serviced apartments offer a higher degree of privacy compared to hotel rooms. In an average apartment block, you can have between 30 and 50 apartments. This works for about 100-150 people. A conventional hotel will have around 100-200 rooms. This works for approximately 400-500 people when you combine the occupants of the rooms with the people in the public areas of the hotel.

With these apartments, you can also hold your own business meeting in the privacy of your apartment. If you are on vacation with your family, you can also manage your family in the same way that you used to be at home.

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Basically, compared to a hotel room (and even your own home!), You get higher quality items and settings in a serviced apartment.