A handshake is generally the first exchange which takes place between different people when they meet. It is a form of greeting which we extend to each other. You may be surprised to know that the way you shake hands with people, tells a lot about your personality. This is because the handshake is a powerful tool of non-verbal communication. There are different types of handshakes which convey different meanings. For example, a weak handshake displays your lack of strength whereas a strong handshake displays your confidence and makes you appear promising to people. Therefore, it is often said that you have to keep your handshake strong and positive. Below mentioned are 5 reasons to throw light on how a strong handshake impacts your interaction with people.
Helps to start your conversation on a positive note: Having a strong and positive handshake is an excellent way to start your conversation. It becomes even better if you adorn your lips with your beautiful smile while shaking hands with people. Additionally, you get to develop a kind of connection with your fellow beings, when you hold their hands while having a handshake. This is because a handshake serves as a medium to encompass you and your fellow beings in a mutual circle of shared space in which the conversation takes place. Therefore, a handshake helps you to break barriers of communication with other people and introduces a sense of comfort.

Moreover, a strong handshake also displays your high level of interest in the conversation. Thus, when you exhibit your curiosity towards communicating with people, they are also intrigued towards participating in the conversation.

Creates a healthy environment around: Energy exists in a waveform. It originates from one place and travels to the entire surroundings. Similarly, when you shake hands with people, a phenomenon of energy transfer takes place. This means that you can transfer your energy to people through a handshake. Thus, by keeping your energy high while shaking hands with people, you get to influence their energy in a positive manner. In order to further increase the flow of positive energy, you may keep a well- lit smile on your face. This flow of energy between you and your audience creates a healthy environment which facilitates effective communication. Moreover, the waves of positivity which travel between you, break the confines of aloofness and helps you communicate with openness and ease. Therefore, in order to cultivate an open environment for communication, you have to keep your handshake strong and firm.

Portrays a confident character of yours: It is said that the first impression makes a considerable difference in laying a positive impact on people. This makes it really important for you to portray a high level of confidence from the very beginning of your conversation. Having a strong and confident handshake can serve the purpose for you. When you display a high level of confidence, people are motivated to communicate with you.
Additionally, you cannot persuade people despite your best efforts, if they don’t find you to be influential enough. In fact, you start feeling discouraged when you aren’t able to convince people. This ultimately hampers your participation in the conversation. Also, once you start feeling disheartened, it gets really difficult for you to claim your confidence back. Therefore, you have to portray a very high level of confidence, right from the beginning of the conversation with a strong and confident handshake.
4. Helps in building up trust: It is essential for you to gain people’s trust while communicating with them. People convey their messages with openness only when they find you to be trustworthy. Thus, you have to successfully earn your fellows’ trust in order to have effective communication with them. A simple handshake which demonstrates a lot of strength and positivity can help you earn trust from people. Looking directly into people’s eyes while shaking hands with them, further strengthens your trustworthiness. Therefore, you have to make it a point to keep your handshake strong and positive which reflects your trustworthiness.
5. Showcases your attentiveness: A conversation becomes vague in the absence of attention. When you don’t display the required level of attentiveness while communicating, people lose their interest in the conversation. Not only this, but a conversation also becomes ineffective even before the beginning, when your handshake lacks the required strength. This is because a weak handshake shows that you aren’t looking forward towards interacting with people. Furthermore, after having a sense of your repulsion towards the conversation, people also tend to back out from communicating with you. Thus, in order to keep people interested in the conversation, it is essential for you to display a strong sense of attentiveness through a strong handshake.
To conclude, a handshake is way more than a greeting which you extend to people. It is a mirror of your personality. Therefore, you have to keep your handshake strong and positive.

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