There are countless players of League of Legends, but not many of you are familiar with the reasons that halt you from getting better ranking. Belo ware the 5 reasons you are not climbing high in the LOL.

Not Having Strong Champion Pool: In the LOL game, there are 140 champions whom you can choose based on their dynamics and interesting gameplay. In many cases, the players aren’t able to make a strong champion pool that dispels you from getting higher rankings in the game. So, to get better ranking, you are suggested to create a small champion pool consisting of not more than 5 champions. Make sure you use those champions till they can’t work for you anymore.

You are Still Lacking High Ranking: The ranking is very much important to move higher in the League of Legends. Some players invest their efforts but still can’t make the better ranking. The simple and quick solution to this problem is ELO Boosting which you can easily get from In Elo Boosting, your player’s ranking is increased by transferring your access to a professional player. This way you can easily get a high ranking without getting banned.

Playing to Win, not to Improve: With consecutive losses, your mind is completely diverted on winning the game. As a result, stop focussing on smart gameplay that will give you better ranking at the end. If you are a consistent performer in the LOL, your ranking will go high. However, once frustrated, you won’t be above to play the entire game with the motto to chase the rivals and increase your level. This will become the major reason for your fallback to existing ranking without getting an upgrade.

Playing Ranked Game Directly: Ahead of every game, it is recommended to have a warm-up better settle in the game and know the basic tactics to increase your level. However, some players never opt for the practise game and hence directly play the ranked game where they lose and get zero output. To overcome this problem, you should practise a few hours before playing the ranked games and boost your ranking.

Playing Without Knowing Your Champions: Practice will make you perfect, but it’s equally important to know the potential of your champions who will deliver their best to upgrade your level. Underestimating your champions will also end up with no results when you are playing for long hours. So when practising, try to master the champion and use it for your ranked game. This way, you will be able to better use the capabilities of your champion to rank higher in the game.

So, if you are a LOL fan and are still not able to get a better ranking, its time to play smart and make use of ELO boosting services to enhance your ranking and enjoy the game to the fullest.

What more points do you think plays an important role in increasing your ranking in LOL? Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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