Hundreds of thousands of candidates apply for a job, but only a few get hired. Why is that so? Well, there are several reasons of not getting a job. By knowing these reasons, you can prepare yourself to beat out the competition and get hired before it’s really too late.

Given below are top 5 reasons for not getting a job.

#1. You Lie About Your Past
One of the biggest mistakes that many job applicants make is that they lie to the interviewer about their past. And the tragedy in the story is that candidates think that are smarter enough to deceive the interviewer. Stop making such interview mistakes right away. There are plenty of chances that the employer or the hiring manager will catch you. Even if they don’t, you may be terminated later when the company gets to know of your lies about your education, qualification, experience etc.

#2. Money is All That’s on Your Mind
You can’t be happy with your career if all you think is money. During an interview, focusing on money can also be a good ground for rejecting your candidacy. As soon as the interviewer gets to know that you want the job just for making money, they will change their decision of hiring you.

Candidates can surely talk about the sick leaves, vacation and other employment benefits once they see they have impressed the interviewer already. So, focus on winning over the interviewer first.

#3. You are Late for the Interview
Nothing can be more embarrassing than arriving late for the interview. Reaching the interview venue on time is proof in itself that you are really serious about getting the job and are interested to work with the employer. Be on the safer side by knowing the route to the interviewing venue in advance.

#4. You Lack Employer Knowledge
You have maximum chances of getting rejected if you have not done good research about the company you want to work with. While preparing for a job interview, candidates should always remember to gather information on the whereabouts of the potential employer. This research will also help you ask the interview a couple of intelligent questions when you are given a chance to do so.

#5. You Use Your Cell Phone in the Interview Room
Using your cellular phone is strictly against the interviewing etiquettes. Before you enter the interview room, you should remember to switch off the phone. Using the phone while sitting face-to-face with the interview is a clear indication that you are not very serious about getting the job.

Do you make such mistakes? If you are really keen on getting a job with an employer of your interest, remember not to make such mistakes the next time you attend a job interview. Good luck!

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Jobseekers make a lot of mistakes during a job interview. They should learn more about the key interview etiquette so that they can avoid making such mistakes. Advance preparation always holds the key to achieve success in getting a job quickly.