I went to a wonderful networking event last night and met Loral Langemeier 4 time best selling author who shared with us these ideas on wealth creation. These are the top 5 reasons most people don’t make money in their businesses.

The 5 Reasons You Wont Make Money
1- Don’t have an identity, what is your expertise
2- Don’t know what you are selling
3- Don’t have an influential offer, not enticing enough
4- Don’t talk to enough people, don’t make enough offers
5- Don’t ask for the cash

1. Be an expert in something, be an expert in mothering, financial matters. flowers, dogs, something but be the expert and then you can sell many things under your expertise, people buy your expertise first. Most people try and start selling their products and services first before selling themselves.

2. Be clear on what you are offering. The fastest way to cash is offering services. You can offer and sell a service much faster than creating a product to sell. You can actually sell it first to see if there is a market or a need for it and then create it later if the idea sticks.

3. Is your offer catchy? Does it solve a problem? Does it solve a big problem? Are you selling the benefits of your program, product or service? How can you add a ton more value to sweeten the deal and make an irresistible offer. Create an information product once and sell it again and again. Leverage value and leverage your income.

4. How much are you marketing yourself. Making money is all about how many times you put yourself in front of your ideal client and ask for the sale. You can busy yourself doing mundane things but unless you are getting yourself out there in the marketplace no body can you, or your product or service.

5. Most people are afraid to ask for the sale. They don’t want to sound pushy or manipulative. So they avoid selling out of fear of sounding salesy. If you have a solid product or service and it would benefit people than come away from the idea of selling and move into the idea of serving people. You are doing others a dis service not to offer your stuff.

So how many of these 5 points do you have down pat? How many need a bit of work?

Full Power to Your Success!

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