In hiring a service provider or selecting a doctor, you get total freedom to choose without any need for network or referrals to confine your options. If you are planning a cosmetic surgery then the choice of surgeon is crucial. The experience will live for life. Successful procedure can root great confidence. Alternatively, if your choice of surgeon is poor then the results can be extra heartache, time and cost.

Cosmetic surgery is all about appearance and so focuses on aesthetics of beauty. The procedures and result of plastic and cosmetic surgery differ, so do the training of plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Cosmetic surgery is a personal preference. Therefore, it is the patient’s responsibility to choose a trained and experienced doctor.

There are some red flags, which indicates that the potential cosmetic surgeon is unsuitable for you.

1st red-flag – Not really board certified

Majority of people assume that they can rely on the state medical boards about a surgeon’s qualification to conduct procedures they advertise. The real fact is that the government does not need specially trained in procedures offered. It is most acute issue in cosmetic surgery arena because general surgery doctors or trained in other specialty hop on cosmetic surgery bandwagon to earn huge profits.

Patients can check on the ABCS [American Board of Cosmetic Surgery], which is exclusively formed and dedicated to the cosmetic surgeons training, education, and certification. So, the potential doctor needs to be an affiliated or ABCS board-eligible [on-going training] or a board-certified plastic surgeon. New Yorkers can plan a visit to Naidu Plastic Surgery to consult with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

2nd red-flag – Feel pressurized

Surgery is a huge decision and there are curves and corners in the route to your new appearance. It is frustrating when someone tries to force you in an operating room without getting familiar with your problems and needs. If you feel like the potential doctor is very pushy then it is a red-flag.

3rd red-flag – Staff performs initial consultation

If you had the first consultation with doctor’s staff and have not met the surgeon, who will be performing your surgery then it is a big red-flag. Doctor-patient needs to be two ways. Without communicating with the potential surgeon face-to-face you feel uncomfortable. The surgeon should actually evaluate you prior surgery, at some point. It has to be the surgeon, who should be in consultation discussing candidate’s eligibility, different options, as well as terms and procedures.

4th red-flag – No risk involved

The plastic surgeon needs to clearly define the risks involved and have a plan in place, if there are any complications. Any doctor, who claims there have been no risks involved in surgery then they are disingenuous. The most experienced doctors reveal they have complications.

5th red-flag – Results look inconsistent

What is beautiful for a friend can be unattractive to you. Therefore, never just depend on cosmetic surgeon’s experience. Check their before & after photos to get an idea of the surgeon’s aesthetic sense. If the results of all patients, who had cosmetic procedure like the one you are planning to have look inconsistent then move to another cosmetic surgeon.

Hope these pointers help you select an ideal cosmetic surgeon to enhance your appearance. You need to choose one, whom you can totally trust with your wellbeing and results.

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