The use of Facebook for marketing has become a popular strategy among ambitious marketers. Although Facebook is probably the genesis of social media marketing, it has maintained its position as a key player with more daily users joining than in any other social networking site. Every form of an audience is present on Facebook, with over two billion active users! And any business owner would be stupid not to benefit from the platform's excellent marketing capabilities. Are you prepared to thrive in 2021? Read on to grasp five awesome tricks to rock it with Facebook social media marketing next year.

1. Adapt your overall business goals with your marketing strategy.

In social media marketing on Facebook, the possibilities are limitless. Failure or overwhelming can easily occur. The best way to get going is to match your social media marketing plan with your company's goals. It is best to keep the goals as clear as you can. Here are some examples of how Facebook marketing tactics can effectively suit your business objectives:

  • If you own a new enterprise and your purpose is to raise awareness of the brand, consider expanding your Facebook followers like ads on a post. While using regular, high-quality posts, you must also interact with your audience. You can enhance posts to promote more commitment, to use specific performance metrics to estimate results. It may be like targeting to gain 300 new fans per month or at least ten likes per post in a specified period.
  • Consider enhancing a Facebook event page if your goal is to advertise your attendance for an event. Keep in mind how many participants you want and how ready you are to pay for each new participant in advertising. This strategy encourages your followers to purpose to attend.
  • A conversion plan on the Facebook Advertising Manager could be better for you if your goal is simply to increase income for your eCommerce shop. Make sure your conversion and Return on Investment (ROI) costs ar.
  • If you are on crossroads, try figuring these questions out.

    a.What type of plan strategy do I want? Long term or short term?
    b.What will I improve to develop an outstanding business?
    c.How can I make things better than last time?

    Such questions help you decide your call to action and to set specific goals for marketing.

2. Use and benefit from research

In social media marketing, it is v. However, there are many road maps designed to help you succeed. A lot of general statistics are available on Facebook, which includes common statements such as Wednesdays and Thursdays are the lucky days on Facebook. Such numbers can be a good starting point. Nonetheless, every company is different, and it may be counterproductive to fall for universal thumb laws. Social analytics will help you to refine your marketing strategies for social media based on what is best for your company.

It is understood, for instance, that best time to post for optimized interactions is:

  • The morning when people wake up
  • Afternoons during lunch breaks
  • Evening after work

This strategy, however, does not work for all businesses due to different time-zones, and a business owner might have to adjust the predefined strategy to reach the target audience when they are online. Likewise, if your target audience includes a retail employee or security guards, they could be experiencing utterly different workday from the average office employee. You will learn what the schedule works best for your company by trying out many various posting times and days and evaluating what posts attract most interaction. It is more than a matter of a few days.

You should also be mindful of the types of posts with which your followers communicate. Look out for every job that earns the most attention and see how subsequent posts can be adjusted accordingly. When posts with images of people in them show landscapes, for example, concentrate on more lifestyle pictures of people. Likewise, in the future, consider sharing more content from the same source if you notice article shares on some websites get much likes and comments.

Analytical-based Facebook ads should also be optimized since they are easy to track and manage them through Facebook Advertising Manager. Some essential metrics to be analyzed include cost per conversion, cost per click, and value scores. The disparity between the scope of an ad and the number of impressions should be in consideration. It may be time to refresh your advertising to increase your audience when the impressions exceed more than three times.

Don't be hesitant to break multiple test choices and change your plan based on the results if you don't know where you can continue with your social media marketing on Facebook. There is always something different that you can check or change, even if you have a reliable marketing strategy. Pay attention to what could have caused this shift if you note a slight decrease in interaction or a rise in the cost of your average per lead.

3. Invest wisely

Everyone with a business page on Facebook has undoubtedly seen the steady decline in clickthrough rate in recent years. Today, Facebook business page posts are typically only viewed by 1–2% of their followers unless they enhance them. If nobody even sees them, it makes no sense for all your hard work to be in killer Facebook posts. As Facebook becomes more and more a "pay to play" site, you must invest your money wisely more and more to succeed in your business. A budget for ads is a must for Facebook social media marketing. But, if you don't take care of how you use your Facebook budget, your money might be wasted.

For instance, spending $10 to improve any post that you will send to 100 followers doesn't make any logical sense. It is prudent to increase your supporters with page-like advertising and posts for outside viewers before you start putting money toward posts for your supporters.

To attract followers with ads and improved posts like pages can be achieved at a comparatively low cost. Nevertheless, sales-driven advertising and leads tend to require more capital, particularly amongst highly competitive businesses.You must prepare to spend money when it comes to selling commercials.

The ultimate objective is to ensure that the advantages weigh above the costs to achieve a good advertisement return. But in the first phases of the optimization process, new projects must sometimes launch on debt. So, work to a level playing field, and eventually, benefit. Don't be surprised if the Facebook advertisement process does not have a good ROI immediately. A / B split testing will take months to identify the proper message and the right audiences. Once you have entirely developed your campaign, Facebook will be a fantastic tool to generate sales at a relatively low cost.

4. Make use of videos

Research indicates that 85% of total internet activity will be covered in video by 2021. If you do not include video content in your Facebook marketing strategy, you may have to revisit it. Photos are no longer enough whenever it comes to marketing on Facebook. If an image speaks a thousand words, a video tells a million thousand words! The footage reigns supreme when it comes to both advertising and posts on Facebook. 82% of company owners say that video marketing plays a significant role in the ultimate marketing technique. You fall behind your rivals if your Facebook strategy does not include video content.

The videos often help to develop confidence in your product. 57% of respondents indicated that videos provide them with greater assurance for online purchases. Videos are especially useful in explaining complex concepts in ways that pictures cannot fulfill. For instance, if you have a fantastic product, it may not be possible for customers to understand just by looking at a picture of it. A video will show people how to use your product quickly and easily, increasing the chances of buying.
When creating these videos, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  • Video length
    Make the videos short just about 15 to 30 seconds to be able to get the attention of most viewers. The main message should be strategically in the middle to capture the viewers' attention before they scroll down to other newsfeeds.
  • Sounds and subtitles
    85% of social media video viewing is with sound off. Therefore, you should be able to communicate a message without relying on sound to be effective. To be able to communicate, subtitles may be required making your videos accessible for hearing disabled people. If your video is not compelling without using sound, it is very likely to be understood only by a small percentage of viewers.
  • Video format
    Square images, especially on mobile devices, perform significantly well. If you simply cannot construct a square picture, choose a vertical, not horizontal, format. Although video quality may not always be inexpensive, it pays off in the long term. Nonetheless, the production of a video is becoming easy and more affordable as mobile technology improves and a growing number of applications to produce videos and animation.
  • Thumbnails
    Studies have shown that most users determine whether to view the video depending on an image thumbnail. You, therefore, must choose an appealing picture to capture your viewers' attention. It must be worthy of a button tap. Otherwise, users can just swipe through your video no matter how great it is.

5. Hire an advertising company

Maintaining the ever-changing policies and functionality of the platform can be a heck of a job. Your company's busy running. Why not then leave online marketing to someone whose job is to deal with the constant evolution of Facebook and adapt the sales strategy of your business accordingly? Besides, social media marketing companies also save you time and money in addition to optimizing your Facebook ads with quality analysis. You save time by having them focus on time-intensive tasks such as answering comments and messaging, curating publications on social media, designing Facebook ad campaigns, and uploading content at appropriate times.


Facebook is and will still be a marketing powerhouse, and any business, startup, or existing, should use it as an avenue to reach out to more users. With the appropriate marketing skills, any company looking to expand in sales and popularity amongst users.

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