What would you buy if money was no boundary? How about a diamond-encrusted car, or even a pigeon worth hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Billionaires from around the world have already purchased such things, and I’m sure they still have more than enough cash left over to last them a lifetime.

For when you have too much money, take inspiration from these 10 most ridiculous items bought by some of the richest people in the world.


1- A Painting Worth a Fortune.

Spending a large amount on a painting isn’t anything new, especially in the world of billionaires. Painted with skillful hands and hard work, many people want their homes to be adorned by wonderful works of art.

You may have even spent a pretty penny on a piece of artwork that you loved, but would you ever buy one that was worth over $150 million, even if you were a billionaire?

That was the price of one of Picasso’s paintings known as Le Reve, which billionaire investor Steven Cohen purchased in 2013.

Le Reve is an oil painting created by Pablo Picasso in 1932, and it portrays a portrait of his 22-year-old mistress, Marie Therese Walter.

Cohen actually had to wait about six years after purchasing the painting, as it had to be restored after the original owner, Steven Wynn, put his elbow through it.

The restoration team clearly did a great job, as the painting also hopped up from $139 million in 2006 to $155 million in 2013.

But that happens to not be the only piece of expensive artwork that Cohen had purchased.


He also bought a sculpture of a preserved shark in a tank by the artist Damien Hirst, and it happens to be titled The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.

While the art has been showing signs of deterioration, it values is still continually going up. It’s clear Cohen has an art collection to be envious of.

2- Clock in a Cave.

Collecting clocks and watches is a rather popular hobby, but the billionaire in this example takes it to another level.

And if you thought the anonymous bidder who bought this $24 million Patek Philippe Supercomplication pocket watch was being extravagant, then think again.

Imagine something even more complicated and complex than a super complication watch, and what you’ll arrive at is the project undertaken by Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, who is funding a clock housed within a cave.

There’s no set date for when the clock will be completed, but once it’s finished, it will be open to the public for everyone to view.

The project is inspired by The Clock of the Long Now, which was thought up by Danny Hillis in 1986.

The idea was to create a mechanical clock designed to keep time perfectly for 10,000 years, hence its name, the 10,000 Year Clock.

You can still view this prototype at the Science Museum in London, but two more recent prototypes exist at The Long Now Museum and Store at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

Jeff Bezos’ Bezos Expeditions is funding a similar technical project costing upwards of $42 million, and his clock is being created 500 feet down into a Texan mountain that Bezos himself owns.

We don’t know how long it will take, but we’re sure that this clock in the cave will be a sight to behold, and will be able to keep time for thousands of years to come.

As to why he’s doing this, Bezos explains that it’s essentially a clock to keep us humble.

The clock reminds us that we’re small in the grand scheme of things and that most of our lives will last at the very most, a fraction of 1% of the aspirational life of the clock.

3- The Secrets of da Vinci.

Bill Gates has such a vast fortune it must be difficult to find things worth buying with it. That’s probably why he spends so much of it on benefiting the world through his philanthropic efforts.

In the ’90s though, he saw an investment that he wanted to make, and he was going to pay anything to achieve it.

Gates has always had a love for anything that challenges his mind, and so it’s no surprise that he was drawn to a certain multitasker from the past.

During an auction in 1994, a journal was put up for auction, and it happened to be none other than the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

Gates had his eye on the journal, otherwise known as the Codex Leicester, and willingly spent $30.8 million to learn the secrets that da Vinci had left behind.

He was drawn to the journal because of the inspiration that is the person who created it.

That no matter what, with no feedback on whether what he was doing was correct, he kept pushing himself.

If you wish to view the journal, the British Library has a digitized version that shows off da Vinci’s fluid drawings and the inner workings of his mind.

4- Living in Luxury.

The richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani, built a home that’s worth over $1 billion, and it’s definitely a home built for a king.

Located on Altamount Road in South Mumbai, this building reaches an impressive 4 million square feet and towers over the city.

While the building is technically only 27-stories, because of its double-height ceilings, it actually reaches a height of almost 40 stories.

It’s no surprise that with that size of a home, it contains plenty of room for guests and staff, and even contains an entourage room where security and bodyguards can rest.

In fact, the building contains over 600 staff members. While there may be plenty of staff in the building, apparently, the kids still have to clean up their own rooms when they’re home.

Besides the rooms where guests, family, and staff can relax, this building also contains a health spa, a salon, a ballroom, a private theater with seating for 50, three swimming pools, yoga and dance studios, and six stories of parking.

It seems as though you’ll rarely need to leave the home.

Does the family live on the very top floor of the building and the reason for that? They wanted sunlight, and the top rooms are the best for that.

5- Dream Car.

Have you ever dreamed of having a fancy car? What about a diamond-encrusted Mercedes?

If that sounds a bit unbelievable, I don’t blame you for thinking so, but it actually does exist, and the proud owner of it is none other than Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.

He’ seven rumored to charge people $1000 just to touch the car. Yet, the private office of Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has stated that the Prince does not, and has never, owned a diamond-encrusted Mercedes.

It’s said that the car was actually a Mercedes-Benz SL-600 that was covered in 300,000 gold shadow crystals, and designed by a Japanese automotive accessories company in Japan.

But this claim has to be taken with a pinch of salt because the Prince has come under fire before for his wealth and its likely just an attempt to understate his extravagance.

What do you think? Is it actually the prince’s car, or just part of an auto show? Either way, this card holds a hefty price tag.

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