Achieving a terrific smoking experience is a ritual-like experience. And to many avid consumers, it begins by selecting quality rolling papers. A quality rolling paper does make all the difference, and that is why it is best to opt for a brand having a notable reputation in the market.

‘33 TABAC’ is a quality brand for the conscious user to smoke the most natural materials. Keeping true to that, here are five types of rolling papers of this brand money can buy.

Parsley Blue Paper Blend:-

First in this list is the Parsley Blue which consists of a paper blend of 100% unrefined unbleached hemp paper with Arabic gum. Each pack contains of 33 leaves each with impressive burn time and sensational natural smoking experience.

Size of each leaf is around 1.1/4 and is easy to handle even for someone who’s just started to make customised cigarettes.

Aviator Green Paper Blend:-

This is another popular choice amongst avid consumers, and one of its USP is each pack comes with 50 leaves- which means more sticks to get ‘High’. It’s paper blend is 100% bleached wood pulp, and it can be rolled easily even by a novice consumer.

It comes in a single size, consists of a low burn rate and offers a smooth and organic smoking experience. Each paper is pre-cut and allows less time to roll into the preferable size.

Also, it comes in an alternative option of Aviator Black.

Royal Red Paper Blend:-

Rating as among the best rolling papers option around, this pack consists of 33 leaves. The paper blend is 100% bleached wood pulp, is light-weight and contains a low burn rate. Furthermore, the paper is non-GMO and uses natural gum.

It is also very easy to handle, even for someone who just learned how to roll. Just fill in the herb, roll it, stick the outer end with its natural gum and light.

Gilt King Paper Blend:-

This pack of cigarette/joint rolling papers consists of 33 leaves King Size slim. The paper is 100% unbleached wood pulp and ideal for those who like smoking more. They are also very easy to roll and it while smoking it presents a pure and natural smoking experience.

33 TABAC Hemp Paper Blend:-

Last, in this list of quality rolling papers is this Hemp paper blend which is 100% unrefined and comes with Arabic gum. Weighting 12.5 GSM and available in King Size slim, this rolling paper comes with 33 leaves.

These papers have a slow burn rate allowing users to enjoy their smoking more. The paper also offers a smooth smoking experience and helps reduce the risks of after-burns.

Final Words:-

Now that its clear about the top five customised rolling papers to buy, find a reputed supplier who offers these top options from 33 TABAC. While sorting out the supplier, also check their price, customer feedback and also the years spent in the market.

This will reduce labour when sorting out the supplier and ensures full-value-for-money.

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