With the onset of social media, we’ve seen marketing change. There’s been less focus on “traditional marketing” and more focus on video marketing. It’s become an essential tool for companies worldwide! But how do you make a great video? How do you make sure that your video makes an impact? 

Here are five secrets that you can use, to create a successful video marketing strategy for your brand!

  1. Don’t make sales the main focus 

This might go against what we’ve ever heard about advertising. Advertising and marketing have traditionally been about “selling the product”. You couldn’t end an ad without adding the classic “Buy Now” slide at the end. Those days are long gone. 

Now, your ads are featured online, where people go to be entertained. Your ads shouldn’t cut into their entertainment, it should be a part of it. 

People don’t want to watch you push your product onto them, instead, your content should introduce your product in a storytelling manner. Create a world around your product, make the content interesting and relatable. If it is, people will want to invest their time to watch your video, and with it, your product will automatically sell! 

2. Don’t waste the first few seconds 

You have to keep in mind that people aren’t going to seek out your video. Most of the time, the videos will be featured right in the middle of the content they were already watching. If you take YouTube, for example, you only have 5 seconds before the “Skip Ad” button appears. This means that you don’t have time to set the scene and then get into the main hook of the Ad. You have to jump in with both feet.

Within the first 5 seconds, the story needs to be at the point where people want to watch the entire ad!

The same concept applies to corporate promotional videos where you’re talking about the features of your products. It has to be interesting before people even start watching! Focus on making everything attractive, from the thumbnail to the start of the video all the way to the very end. Everything needs to grab attention, and then keep the attention! 

Your viewers shouldn’t feel like they’re wasting time watching your video, their time should be compensated for with a great video! 

3. Target the right audiences

Most of the main social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, have their own marketing preference settings. You can specify the type of content you want your Ads to be featured on. With Facebook, you can go as far as to select an age bracket, gender, location, and interests to push your Ads to those accounts.

This is important because you could have a great ad, it could have done everything right but then if it reaches the wrong audience, it won’t make an impact.

You need your content to reach the right audience for it to actually matter! Make use of the options that the social media websites give you. Even if you end up having a smaller reach, it will still be more meaningful and will translate to more sales.

4. Don’t rely on the audio 

Audio is another thing that is key in traditional marketing but might not work on social media. If you’re an active social media user, you might have already noticed how the audio isn’t permanently on anymore. On Facebook, the audio is by default, turned off because people are scrolling on a platform that doesn’t mainly feature videos, so they do autoplay but the audio has to be toggled on. On Instagram, if the user has already toggled the audio off on another video, every video that follows, even the Ads, will also be automatically mute.

This means that you need to be able to grab and hold attention without having interesting audio! This can be done by making sure that the visual content in your video is impactful on its own too. You can create an entire animated video, or add animations in a regular video! To take it one step further, you can add heavy subtitles that make it easy to “hear” the video without ever having to toggle the sound on! As a bonus, this will also make your videos accessible for the hearing impaired, adding to your potential customers!

5. Use the power of Collaboration

This one isn’t a big “secret” anymore with how much we see it around us, but it’s still something that most people tend to forget. People trust influencers, they trust their words and recommendations. If an influencer promotes a product, everyone that follows them will invest their time to hear about your product. It might even make more of an impact than a carefully curated Ad! And it’s cheaper. You’ll end up spending less money paying an influencer to do all the work for you!

They will create the content, and get it to their audience. All you have to do, is pick the right influencer or brand to work with you. Their audience, or at least a large section of it, should consist of the type of people that are likely to buy your product. If it’s the right fit, and your product is actually good, it’ll sell without you having to control every aspect of the marketing! It’ll be more like word of mouth! Real people, telling other real people that they like your product!

Whenever you’re working on a new marketing campaign, keeping these 5 secrets in mind can take your campaign from a shot in the dark, to one that’s destined for success! 


Author's Bio: 

Anwer is digital marketing Professional who loves to write about marketing strategies