The social dynamics between men and women is just as complicated as the sexual dynamics between men and women. Lies are actually a common aspect of these dynamics with many reasons why this is so. Why do men lie? You'll hear women ask this a lot. The answer is not as big of a surprise as you might think.

Men and women lie for a number of reasons, but the top five reasons men lie, in no particular order, are:

1. To avoid conflict
2. To spare someone's feelings
3. To keep from getting into trouble
4. To enhance your own status
5. To flatter someone

Of these so called "little white lies" the one that is the most prominent and socially acceptable is the lie we tell to spare someone else's feelings. Often it's difficult to decide if it's worth it to tell the truth when asked your opinion. For instance, if someone asks you "Do I look okay?" you are likely not going to open your mouth and say, "No, you look terrible."

A small little lie to spare that person's feelings is considered morally acceptable. Men lie like this to women because they do not want to hurt a woman's feelings. So while you can complain about men lying, there's a legitimate and positive reason a man can lie.

Also an acceptable secret of why men and women lie is to enhance their own status. Status is something men want in women. Jobs are a perfect example of this. It is more than socially acceptable to kiss up to the boss by claiming to play golf on a regular basis, or pretending to enjoy the same drink and cigar when at a social function. Social lies like this are considered completely acceptable when you're attempting to increase your workplace status.

Most of the time, people don't even realize they're lying. If you're asking yourself why do men and women lie, you'll find that many people don't consider these small and socially acceptable tales lies. However, there are a number of lies that are not socially acceptable and the reasons will vary.

Some people lie because they enjoy the thrill of it. Others lie because they want to hide something from their lover or boss. Having an affair, for example, is a lie that that is not considered socially acceptable and is very unhealthy for all parties involved. Men lie to make themselves look better in the judgment of women.

The reasons why men lie to women are numerous and some, more than others, are definitely overlooked. I hope it answers your question of "why do men lie". Most times it is considered unhealthy to lie because of the destruction in can wreck on relationships. If this is a possible outcome, lying should be avoided if possible.

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