Owing to the highly idealized perceptions regarding romance, most people tend to over expect from their significant others. While the notion of true, eternal and undying love is not completely null and void but it takes a lot more than a few lingering stares to make a relationship function effectively. If you wish to explore the relationship dynamics in detail LiebesMeer will help you getting awe-inspiring insights about your love. On that note, let us take a look at secrets to how you can keep the flame kindling for eternity and successfully maintain a long-term bond.

1. Respect Over Love

"Love triumphs all." This is something we all have been hearing since the day we became old enough to get romantically attracted towards someone. But what most people fail to realize is that in order to maintain the feeling of love for a long time or make a marriage work successfully, mutual respect has a greater role to play than love. It is possible for two people to stay with each other out of love but only through a combination of it and respect can one manage to stay in a happy relationship for years to come.

2. Friendship

Friendship is the only relationship in this world that offers enough space and freedom to stay content. Friends understand each other even though they face ups and downs in their relationship. So, before being lovers, you need to be good friends with your partner and understand that you are an integral part of their life but that doesn't give you the license to control their every move.

3. Intimacy

Intimacy on both levels, physical and emotional play a crucial role in taking a relationship to heights of elation. When you are completely open about your innermost thoughts and feelings with your partner, consider half of the work done. That combined with occasional moments of embrace to spice things up occasionally can give your relationship the desired boost to thrive further. In order to achieve a great deal of emotional and physical comfort with your partner, you need to have a transparent relationship where no thoughts or feelings remain unexpressed.

4. Compromise

The term compromise is often mistaken with sacrifice. People say that great love requires a great deal of sacrifice when in reality all it requires is a mutual compromise. When two partners want totally different things, it is a wise move to opt for the middle ground and find a solution that is acceptable to both instead of one person making sacrifices for the other all the time.

5. Bridging The Communication Gap

One thing that has the potential to destroy even the strongest of the relationships is the communication gap. If the partners don't have a transparent association, it is impossible to stay happy with each other after a certain amount of time. No alliance can flourish if the partners can't open to each other about how they feel. So, it is important to let your partner know if something bothers you. Although, don't forget to be respectful and courteous while conveying your message or you risk igniting a futile fight.

Let's face it, the beginning parts of all relationships are magical. Your eyes meet someone across the hall and there it is, the spark that gives you many sleepless nights! But once you are past the phase of fantasizing about a potential mate, once they become a part of your life, reality sets in. The annoying things you adored just don't seem cute anymore. Well, that is the time when the bond to your partner is put to test. If you manage to get past the rough patches out of love and respect for your partner, you get a loving and caring partner for life.

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