Natural solutions for our health have existed since the principles of humanity. Each region has its own recipes, which in turn have been improved over the generations. Today we present an Australian specialty that will revolutionize your way of seeing traditional remedies. Emu oil is a product that is based on the refinement of Emu fat (a kind of bird), and time and studies have shown that this compound can be used for the treatment of various conditions, such as joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, skin conditions, and even hair loss.

Now that you know what it is, we present the Talyala pure emu oil, a refined product in multiple presentations, going from creams to pills. If you are still wary of starting this natural treatment, we will list some of the wonders that you will get thanks to the best pure emu oil in the market.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Pure emu oil is characterized by offering various benefits, but without a doubt, the most popular of all is its ability as an anti-inflammatory agent. This can be corroborated thanks to Nutrition magazine, in which they presented a study that guarantees its quality, to such an extent that it is recommended to treat specific diseases, such as:

1. Inflammatory bowel syndrome
2. Arthritis
3. Ear inflammation

In the particular case of arthritis, its use will be as a massage oil. It will be enough to apply the oil to the affected parts of the body so that our skin absorbs the product almost immediately since its composition is almost 100% triglyceride lipid, very similar to the natural oils obtained in the human body.

Better Absorption And Hydration For Our Skin

The pure emu oil has a very unique property, and as mentioned previously, our skin can easily absorb it. It will help us to keep it moist and as a result, will significantly reduce the chances of cracking or drying.

Although this is not all, since we are using a formula based on 100 percent pure emu oil in our body, we will create a protection layer against solar radiation, so that our skin will not be so mistreated by the sun's rays. We will achieve in this way greatly reduce the chances of getting skin cancer.

Moreover, another important factor is that this oil can even transmit its absorption quality to other mixtures based on creams and oils, allowing the latter to take effect much faster than usual, which explains why there are several products based in emu oil compounds available in the market.

Excellent Analgesic And Insect Repellent

The emu oil has proven to be an incredible painkiller, helping exponentially with the pains that may arise from small wounds, cuts, bruises, and burns, but only on a smaller scale. As additional information, this product has antioxidant properties, which protects our skin from additional damages that may occur because of the trauma suffered.

Another curious addition that we can enjoy using this product is its ability to repel insects. These are usually disoriented when they are near a compound called terpenes, which is present in emu oil, thus driving them away. This quality, coupled with its ability to treat wounds, make it the ideal choice for many campers. In addition, its ease of use in these situations makes it shine in comparison to other treatments since it will be enough to rub a little bit of the oil on the part of the body that we want to protect and once our skin absorbs it, it will begin to take effect immediately.

Reduces Cholesterol And Helps The Treatment Of Ulcers

A particularity of this product is that it can be applied to our body in different ways, including orally. At the time of consuming it in this way, it will serve to diminish and control our cholesterol levels. This can be corroborated in a report presented in 2004, in which a study was conducted in three hamster groups, the first two consumed emu oil and olive, while the third group was treated with coconut oil, resulting in the first two groups having lower levels of cholesterol than the third group.

Regarding the treatment for ulcers, Pharmacy Today published an investigation in which tests were performed on patients suffering from ulcers, showing that the oil worked as a gastric protector and in the best of cases, it even decreased the size of the ulcers in a natural way and without another type of treatment.

Protects And Moisturizes Our Scalp

As mentioned above, emu oil has the property of mixing perfectly with other compounds, and in this case, it can even function as a shampoo and hair conditioner, shaping itself as a natural alternative to chemical-based products that are found in the market. When applied to our scalp, it will be absorbed very easily, reaching the inner layers of the skin, where all its benefits will be seen directly from the root of the hair, hydrating it in an exceptional way and strengthening it.

We must also add that, according to research, emu oil has cellular regeneration properties, which in practice is related as a stimulant for hair growth. As an additional fact, there are already a variety of emu oil shampoos and conditioners on the market, but their results will vary depending on our needs, so to recommend one, we have the Talyala pure emu oil, which has proven to be an excellent product with high efficiency rates in all kinds of hair.

Say Goodbye To The Pains, Discomforts, And Inflammations

Now that we know some of the qualities of this natural wonder, what are you waiting to acquire it? One of the best investments you can make for your health will be in the best pure emu oil in Australia since it can cover a wide variety of conditions without compromising your body. Health is the most important thing we have, it is essential to take care of it, and nature is the wisest for this work, which puts at our disposal the best solutions.

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