All of us want this but not everyone is given the chance of living abundantly.

Now we ask who are the ones who have the opportunity to live life abundantly?

Although it seems fairly difficult to achieve this lifestyle, it is really very simple and can be summarized in one word: self-discipline.

In this date and time wherein people seem to be too caught up with commercialism and materialism, it is not surprising to know that a lot of us find it really hard to have an abundant life.

Money earned gets spent almost instantly, friends gained get lost just as fast.

Most people believe that popularity and wealth are the two most important things that will lead to an abundant life, but the secret is that it is within the person, on having a positive attitude and perspective on life.

Below are some of the forgotten secrets to living abundantly and experiencing more fulfillment and joy everyday of your life.

#1 An Attitude of Gratitude and Appreciation

First of all, one must not be too greedy and obsessed. Instead, be grateful for all the blessings of wealth, health, family, and friends.

Be appreciative of what you have instead of asking for more.

What is given to you is usually enough, it is how you handle them that makes it appear too small or meager.

Before complaining, think about others who do not get the same opportunities in life as you have.

Always keep in mind that there are far more people in worse situation than you are in but they don’t complain.
They remain grateful for the life that they have, so you should be, too.

#2 Tithe Your Way Toward An Abundant Life

In relation to the previous point, it is also advisable to keep a portion of your money for tithing in the church or for charity.

This means that you are confident and faithful that you have enough and that you can share your blessings to the less fortunate in life.

This works wonders because although your money seems less, blessings will come to you in two-folds or three-folds.

It will also make you feel fulfilled in life, in that you don’t just get everything for yourself but you are able to give to those who needed it more.

#3 - Living Abundantly Through Happiness And Positivity

Be surrounded by positive vibes and shoo away any negativity.

Abundance means living peacefully and happily, without any worries and anxieties.

Expose yourself to experiences that are pleasant and enjoyable, without having to overspend or over extend yourself.

Living abundantly means being soaked up in all the positivity in the world and projecting this onto other people.

#4 - Control Your Emotions, Control Your Life

Next, stay away from sources of anger, jealousy, envy, and hate, may it be a person, a situation, or a thing.

Filling your heart and mind with these are poisonous and would lead to your downfall.

It will also hinder positive things from getting into you if you let these emotions take over.

#5 - Honesty And Sincerity Toward Others

Finally, be honest with your finances and be sincere with your relationships.

Cheating and deceiving others won’t bring you any good.

Although you get richer and have lots of connections, you will not achieve a sense of fulfillment by resorting to these.

Abundant living is not something superficial.

It is not something that could be achieved through dishonest means.

Living abundantly is a healthy lifestyle but is achieved very seldom by many because it requires a great deal of self-control and discipline. But the promise of this life is bountiful, so it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try, right?

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