A pandemic is the one time when self-care becomes essential for women, especially for moms stuck at home with their kids.

There are many regular self-care practices like carving out time for yourself during the day, that you should do anyway.

Of course, there are also women who are using the pandemic as an opportunity to completely overhaul their lives and recreate themselves.

But some self-care tips for women are unique to a pandemic because of the health and economic crisis that results.

So here are 5 self-care tips for Indian women to follow during the pandemic, that can help you preserve your sanity, health, finances and lifestyle.

1. Get free online counselling

Social distancing, the stress of homeschooling, managing all your household chores without a maid, the anxiety and fear of contagion and, for some, the increase in domestic abuse at home – it can all get too much for some women.

The first step is to find a professional counsellor to talk to, so you can alleviate your anxiety and concerns. Even when times are bad, Indian women hesitate to reach out to a mental health counsellor, but in a pandemic, it’s essential that you do.

The free domestic violence helpline numbers, counselling sites that charge a bomb, or phone counselling numbers that charge for every minute, may not work for most women.

So, if you need free online counselling for women, start a conversation with a professional therapist on the AskSHEROES free chat helpline, where you can get free professional online counselling for depression, anxiety, relationships, sex, careers, health and more.

2. Choose a work from home job

The pandemic has made the idea of remote work more appealing to people around the globe and work-from-home (WFH) jobs have become not only respectable but preferred by many.

The risk of contagion has made commuting to work in crowded train and buses only to go to work in a crowded office unappealing for many Indian women who used to work outside the home.

Many Indians live in a multi-generational household with old parents or in-laws who may have co-morbidities and health conditions that make them vulnerable, so Indian women have even more reasons to work from home today.

Besides availing of free career counselling online and career guidance from career professionals, Indian women can also find remote work from home for women in India on the SHEROES app for women.

Women can get become certified MARS Partners with MARS by SHEROES and apply for genuine remote work from home with top companies in India.

If you decide to choose the remote work life, remember to set up a space to work in your home and get the home office essentials you need to work efficiently and productively.

3. Choose a safe salon at home service

Because of the lockdown and closure of beauty parlours, Indian women have been missing their salon pampering and grooming.

But, thanks to the ingenuity of Indian companies, they can now get a safe salon at home experience and enjoy a safe waxing at home or mani-pedi at home service with trained beauty professionals in the comfort of home.

4. Invest your money wisely

With unemployment and economic uncertainty rising in India, a pandemic is not the time to go on a spending spree, especially with the shocking increase in electricity bills.

On the SHEROES app for women, you can get advice from financial consultants and experts on smart ways to save and invest money, buy gold online, and more ways to achieve financial independence.

You can even get a free financial education by becoming a financial consultant and earn money helping others secure their future with insurance products. It’s one of the best careers for women without degrees.

5. Start a mindfulness practice

While there are many self-care tips for moms you can follow, one of the most effective ways to care for your mental and spiritual health is to start a mindfulness meditation practice.

There are many proven benefits of mindfulness in healing the body and mind and you can start your healing journey with a number of free mindfulness workshops and courses.

I hope these self-care tips help you take care of your physical, mental, and financial health during the pandemic so you can care for your loved ones too.

Author's Bio: 

Priya Florence Shah is the author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women, award-winning publisher of Naaree.com and Group Editor of SHEROES, a women-only social networking platform.