Addiction is a tough issue to confront. Even when you know that you’re dealing with an alcohol addiction, it’s not something you want to reflect on or talk about. It’s certainly not something you want to muster up the energy to fight. More than 15 million Americans have some sort of alcohol use disorder, though just 1 percent receives the help they need. As challenging as it may be to make the first move, you need to be a part of the 1 percent that does something about this dangerous, self-destructive problem.

5 Signs You Need Rehab

For many of the 15 million Americans, recognizing there’s a problem is the first step in healing. Not sure where you stand? Here are a few signs that you have an alcohol problem and need to consider a rehab program.

1. You Want to Stop, But Can’t

“A key symptom of alcoholism is an inability to curb or amend drinking behaviors,” American Addiction Centers explains. “That means people with alcoholism may want to change, but they may feel as though they’re simply unable to do so. Sometimes, they may feel as though they’ll just never get sober, because it’s not possible for them.”

Does this strike a chord with you? If you want to stop but simply can’t make it happen, rehab is the answer.

2. Friends and Family Have Confronted You

Have you ever had friends and family members confront you about your drinking habits? People aren’t going to have this conversation with you unless they see a very serious issue. It’s not a comfortable topic to broach, so you need to listen up if people are bringing it to your attention. Instead of getting defensive, consider the possibility that they’re right.

3. You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

Do you depend on alcohol to feel good? Serious alcohol addictions can result in withdrawal symptoms like headaches, cramps, nausea, paranoia, insomnia, and irritability. If you experience any of these symptoms within a few hours of your last drink, you’re suffering from a pretty serious addiction that will require a strategic detox plan.

4. Alcohol Causes You to Neglect Responsibilities

The dangerous thing about alcohol is that it can make you do things you otherwise wouldn’t. Sometimes these things can be innocent and playful. For example, a shy person may enjoy a drink at a party in order to loosen up and socialize. But sometimes alcohol can have dramatic and negative effects when abused. If alcohol has ever caused you to neglect responsibilities – such as work, family, or personal health and hygiene – then you’re taking things too far.

5. Your Tolerance is Abnormally High

Every person has a different tolerance for alcohol, but if your tolerance has increased to an abnormal level over time, then this is a signal that you’re drinking too much. For example, if it now takes five drinks to achieve a buzz, whereas it used to take just one, this is your body telling you that you’re drinking too much.

Don’t Delay Any Longer

According to some of the most recent data available, alcohol is killing Americans at a rate that hasn’t been seen in more than 35 years. In 2014, 30,700 Americans died from alcohol-induced causes. This figure includes both alcohol poisoning and cirrhosis, which is primarily brought on by excessive alcohol consumption. In that same year, there were 9.4 alcohol-induced deaths per 100,000 people – a 37 percent increase from 2002.

You can’t afford to wait any longer. If any of the signs and symptoms highlighted in this article apply to you, rehab is a must. Have the courage to take a stand and care for yourself.

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