A career in Journalism is nothing short of an adventure. You get to visit many cities and countries to cover various stories, ranging from the launch of a product to a major sports event. You couldn’t be any prouder knowing that your story acts as a source of information to the thousands of people reading it.

But, a passion for journalism doesn’t come naturally to everyone. There are certain signs to look out for, and if spotted early in a person, can help in putting them in the right career path. Joining one of the best journalism colleges in India is a start to that path.

But what are those signs? Let’s take a look at the 5 of them which will indicate an interest in Journalism.

1. You’re inquisitive

Instead of asking about the ‘What’ or ‘How’ of things, you are fascinated with the ‘Why’. Why are certain rules set in place? Why are certain trends more popular than others? You don’t rest until you get your answer, even if means coaxing people to the point of irritation. If you possess this trait, you will succeed in journalism as you will be asking a lot of questions to public figures and officials.

2. You’re intrigued by stories

Short or long, you are always intrigued by stories from the present or past. You would interact with people, ask about their life and keenly listen to what they have to say. Stories in newspapers, which might seem regular news for an average reader, might fascinate you in some other way. Your fascination with stories will help you dig information about a scenario as a journalist.

3. You love to express your thoughts in words

Writing must come very naturally to you. You are very articulate in your expression of thoughts and feel more comfortable in writing than speaking about it. Writing gives you the freedom of speech and the medium to reach out. Your ability to immerse the reader completely in your piece separates you from the rest; a talent which will make you an excellent journalist.

4. You like to debate

While there are certain universal truths that you have accepted just like everybody else, there are other opinions you would love to debate against. You are not one of those who simply accept anything without cross-checking facts. When the facts don’t match, you make it a point to let everyone know. You aren’t afraid to disturb the established order. A wonderful quality to have for any aspiring journalist.

5. You value your principles

Your principles define who you are and are the standard bearer of your character. It could be for the constant quest of truth or being honest in your job. You will not abandon your principles, no matter the challenges or circumstances.

If you align with the signs mentioned here, a career in journalism is a perfect fit for you. Consider opting for an undergraduate course like Bachelor in Mass Media (B.M.M.), which is tailor-made for aspiring journalists. All the best!

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