Eyes, one of the most important parts of the human body. It is one of the most delicate parts too. Did you know that a human eye can differentiate approximately 10 million different colors?

If you are suffering from vision or eye problems, then it is a good idea to see an eye doctor sooner rather than later, although some symptoms are more urgent than others. You can’t take risks when it comes to your eyes. Any type of eye pain or discomfort can make it hard to function or can also lead to some serious problems.

However, if you feel the same and want to get an eye exam or tested, search “bulk billing optometrist near me” on Google and it will show you hundreds of results in your area. While coming back to the article, here are a few signs that will tell you when you need to visit an eye doctor.

Frequent Headaches

If you are having a headache all the time then it is time to visit the nearest optometrist. You should get a routine eye exam as it can detect a variety of issues that may be causing headaches. Staring too long at your computer screen or working on overly bright or dim light may also lead to frequent headaches.

However, the only remedy to these problems is adjusting workplace lighting or take a break every hour or so to give your eyes some rest. In more severe cases, you may be experiencing headaches because of astigmatism, long-sightedness or even glaucoma. 

Infected Eyes

Eye infections can get worse quickly, so if you are already having it in your one eye then it's time to see a doctor as soon as possible. According to the doctors, symptoms of eye infections include feeling like something in your eyes, redness, pain, discharge from the eye, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision. If you feel something like this then you may need a course of antibiotics drops.

Too Much of Eye Pain

If your eyes are bothering you very much then you should get an eye exam. Still, many people put up with painful eye symptoms and don’t think about it. Don’t be like those people, if your eyes are hurting then go see the doctor. Sometimes it happens because of the dry eyes which can be solved with some eye drops. But sometimes it can be a sign of an injury or a condition like glaucoma, a scratched cornea, or even eye cancer!

You See Bright Flashes and Floaters

Lots of people have floaters. But do you know what is a floater? The little squiggly pieces of dust in your vision that are noticeable on a white wall or when you look up at the sky. However, there is nothing to worry about, but if you have a sudden increase in floaters, as well as flashing lights or a shadow in your peripheral vision, this could be a sign of a detached retina. According to the doctors, the detached retina should be treated quickly as it could lead to blindness.

You have Been Squinting  

It could be a sign that you need glasses if you need to squint to see the computer while working or reading road signs while driving. Moreover, people squint in an effort to change the eye and make it easier to see. Squinting allows you to see better in two ways: by changing the shape of your eye and the other is by letting in a limited amount of light that is more easily focused.

However, squinting is not an effective or sustainable way to deal with the issue every time. So, it is better to pick yourself out a new and stylish pair of specs by consulting your optometrist in Sydney.

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