Diabetes has become a worldwide health problem. But with early detection, further complications can be prevented.

Here are eight signs you may have high blood sugar and what may happen if you leave it untreated.


This symptom belongs to a wide matrix of diseases. You can feel fatigued when your blood sugar is either low or high. If you still feel inexplicably tired even if you have adequate rest, it's time for you to visit your doctor for a checkup.


Another common sign of illness is a headache. It's important that you know what type of headache you are experiencing. If it's a migraine, a headache because of a lack of sleep or even because of stress. In general, any chronic headache should not be ignored and should be concluded with a visit to the doctor.

Blurred vision

Elevated blood sugar causes diabetic retinopathy. This will make your vision blurred and with extra floaters. In extreme cases, people with high blood sugar may even experience temporary blindness.

Frequent urination

High blood sugar means extra glucose. This causes problems to your kidneys since it's the organ responsible for filtering excess materials (including water) from your body. Excess glucose damages the blood vessels in your kidneys. This makes you pee more since the kidney's filtering process has been compromised.

Increased thirst

This coincides with the frequent urination. The more you pee, the less liquid your body has. Dehydration becomes more apparent. This can also be linked to fatigue since dehydration zaps your energy.

Other symptoms you may experience include confusion, shortness of breath, increased hunger, and difficulty concentrating.

Besides getting a checkup, there are some lifestyle changes you can make to help lower or maintain healthy blood sugar. One is regular exercise. Even a 30-minute walk five times a week can help you cope with your elevated blood sugar, especially if you are overweight.

Second is maintaining a healthy weight. Again this is linked to having high blood sugar for being overweight. Trimming your bodyweight, especially your belly fat, lessens your chance of high blood sugar.

Third, drink more water. Water cleans and refreshes your body. Drinking more water also means you don't have to drink too many sugary drinks like soda and artificial juices.

Finally, eat healthily. A good diet can help you maintain normal blood sugar.

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