If you found any of these difficulties while using your smart phone then it’s time to invest your money and time to develop an android app. This article basically serves the users who is interested in app development but couldn’t make it because of “lack of ideas”.

1. When you realize that you cannot perform certain task on your iPhone.

There may be a condition arise when you want to perform certain tasks on your iPhone but your iPhone device is not capable of carry out those tasks. For example, attachment of more than one voice recording to an email, editing a text file and opening a text file. This list may go bit longer but I think you get the idea.

2. Screen Space Limitation:

Suddenly you’ll notice that your screen do not have enough space. Video and photos appears to be way too small and its becomes a headache to use the browser with small screen, especially after using a 5” and above screen’s Android phone such as Galaxy S Series, HTC Desire series, Nexus 5 and Note Pad series. If you came across such problems then you might have to start considering an Android Phone.

3. You cannot grab USB cables from any other devices and use it in your phone even if you want it.

Your might have this luxury that all your devices are iDevices, when you are a heavy Apple user. . Though, even for some heavy iPhone users, you might have plenty or 30-Pin USB cables but still no other lightning connectors to be used. If you would like to purchase or grab any other micro USB cables and use it successfully with your device, its time to switch to the Android phone. Every Android phone uses the same cable and lighting connector.

4. You experience that apart from swiping left and right you don’t have more functions to perform on home screen.

One day you realize that apart from swiping left and right there’s absolutely have nothing else to do with your home screen but scrolling down the spotlight search. No saying “Ok Google” to call Google Now automatically, no widgets, no moving wallpapers, no app list in the app drawer, no automatic calling of apps like alphabetical, date downloaded etc.

5. Nothing much to do while setting a wallpaper.
You feel pity on yourself when you see your friends having custom live wallpapers, Screen on and screen off animations. You feel like your smart phone only performs limited functions.

Author’s Note:
Well guys I was also facing such problems while using an iPhone and I stared working on it. I have developed many apps for both Android and iPhone device. The most popular of them is iHoroscope- Know Your Personality. This App is basically about knowing yourself. It tells you everything that you want to know about yourself. It is free of cost. And you can download it from Google Play Store and iPhone IOS app market. It tells you about your daily, weekly and monthly horoscope. Also tell you how your partner’s zodiac sign going to working with yours. Tells everything about your essence. Download iHoroscope- Know Your Personality now and see the change.

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Author's Bio: 

K S Infotech is a Mobile Application Development Company in Mumbai, India. K S Infotech had designed more than 200 apps till now and currently working on more than 500 apps. iHoroscope is a milestone for our company because of its popularity and user's reviews. iHoroscope- Know Your Personality is getting more popular day by day.