Businesses have their highs and lows, but how can you tell if your business is just going through a rough patch or if it is failing? There are a few telltale signs you're spiraling down the drain beginning with your customers are not returning your calls and your vendors have your business on speed dial for late payments. You are hiring new staff constantly along with a decline in sales that hasn’t been turned around. Another will be your customer service department is busy with complaints and returns.

Customers are Not Returning Your Calls

You’ve made the same calls over and over to your best clients and usually, they will call back and speak directly with you, but now you feel like they are ducking your calls and you’re getting the runaround from their receptionist. This is a sign you might be losing customers. When you are not getting that face to face time with your clients anymore there must be a reason. Maybe your pricing is just not on par with the competition, or your product is just not as needed because there are others that can give your client what they need more efficiently. Getting the feedback from your clients may turn this sign around so you can better accommodate your clients’ needs or go in another direction with your small business.

Vendors Are Calling for Payments

You’ve noticed that your billing cycles seem to come closer and closer together due to your businesses late payments that are starting to creep back into an ordinary routine. You can seem to get the cash flow to come on top of catching up on your debt. You may be able to correct that stumbling routine with a call to Seek Capital. They can look over your current loan options and see if paying off your debt with a lower interest rate or opening that line of credit to pay off more of your product line to make a larger return on your inventory is the best solution for you. No one likes to pay the late fees on payments if your failing finances can turn around with adjusting in your cash flow.

Your Staff is Dropping Like Flies

When your employees are in the constant turnover mode, something must be causing this chain of events. Believe it or not, but this is a sign of your business failing. Is your staff foreseeing a future where your business is not in it? Do they sense a lack of enthusiasm and growth potential? Looking at your staff as a gage will allow you to see if somehow your business model is failing or thriving. If your employees are happy to be there and there is a sense of security for them that their jobs will be there, that is where you want to be. Could adjusting how your business is working from the inside out be what it takes to turn it around. Ask your team to give feedback on how and what changes you could make to better flow the businesses potential into a growth stage is an amazing opportunity to change and do it quickly to save your business.

Decline in Your Sales

Every quarter sale in every small business has its ups and downs along with making the necessary changes in inventory and vendor orders is a must. Have you noticed that your orders are not making the usual upswing back to the year prior predictions? You are taking a dive in business orders and are having to make major operational cutbacks and without some changes, your business will fail. Look to social media and take advantage of the billions of customers they must target your specific demographics for drawing new customers to your business. Do a marketing campaign targeting rewards offering a sale for current customers and new customers they bring in. This allows for a good referral for your business. Don’t start slashing prices on your products just yet. This could hurt you in the long term. Get your customers excited again with social networking events, even hosting some at your location. This will bring your new and potential customers through your doors and isn’t that half the battle?

Overloaded Customer Service Complaints

Have you noticed your ratings have declined on all the review sites people use to review businesses? Your customer service department is getting an overflow of complaints on the services and products you offer. You have tried to cut costs and have utilized new manufacturing companies to produce your products. The quality control or these changes have not gone over well with your customers. Asking your current customers for feedback on what exactly they would like changed might be the first step in correcting these complaints. Sometimes when business is great you forget to get the good reviews and feedback, until they aren’t compliments anymore. They may turn quickly so staying on top of your businesses quality whether it is a product or a service you are offering can allow you to control your fate.

Your business only has so much time and ability to make adjustments if you are starting to slide down the drain. You must focus in on what your goals are and stay on top of them. If you make cost cutting measures to help alleviate the financial strain, make sure they are smart ones. Asking your clients for feedback on your products and services often will allow for a compass to see what direction your business is headed in. So, remember that a failing business usually doesn’t happen overnight so following the signs and making the changes quickly can prevent your business from hitting rock bottom.

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