This is the scenario, you’ve just met a man and you’ve been dating a few weeks. You feel very connected to this person and feel he is the “man for you”. Maybe it’s the real thing but, hang on a second; you could be experiencing what some call being ‘love blind’. To make sure you are not falling for the wrong person here are a few signs or red flags that your date is bad news.

1. He talks the talk. In conversation he talks about what is important to him and what he values. For example, he might say that he believes that men and women should share the responsibility of house work and raising children. Later, you overhear him coaxing his buddy to go to a baseball game when his buddy has promised his wife he’d stay home so she could work on a project. So we can say that this person ‘talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk’.

2. He likes to brag. You think, “Wow, this man is great, he excels at everything”. For example; he tells he is a great golfer or he has a high GPA. While that is one form of bragging he might also try to impress you with what he has - a great car, a wonderful country estate, etc.(of course, for some reason you don’t get to see them) or how much money he makes.

3. He is into himself. This man is quite easy to spot (except for those who are love blind). He is what some would call ‘high maintenance’ in the sense that he wants all of the attention – your attention and the attention of others. He puts his own needs first. Anything he does for you is either to make him look good to others or benefits him in some way. He doesn’t understand the meaning of compromise.

4. He reveals too much information. When you first meet he talks incessantly about himself. For example, he tells you every last detail about his job – what he dislikes about it, his duties, the perks etc.; his trips – where he went, who he went with or his family. He goes on and on, never once stopping to learn anything about you.

5. He talks bad about his ex. Did he mention he has an ex? Of course, she is the worst person you’d ever what to meet. She is the cause of all his trouble and if it wasn’t for her they’d be living happily ever after. I suppose it’s because he’s so into himself that he hasn’t noticed the role he played.

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