I remember the moment I realized I needed to grow my team from being a solopreneur to a multi-VA company.

It was clear as day that I needed to expand, and yet, I was scared to death to pull the trigger and hire my first contractor.

Did I really need another person? How would I ensure the extra expense was covered? Was I hiring the right type of contractor?

If you’ve ever thought about those questions, here are 5 ways to know it’s time to grow (and how)…

1. Your Time is Being Vacuumed

Ever wake up in the middle of the night worrying about everything on your To Do list? If so, do a time audit and find out what’s sucking your time away from the more important things that only you can do. Those are the areas to outsource.

2. You’re Growing

If you are noticing a steady increase in revenue, it’s a good time to predict where you could use additional help in the near future, before you and your team are stretched too thin…

3. Your Current Team Is Stretched Too Thin

When team members tell you they would love to take on new work, if only they had the time, or they all complain they’ve got too much on their plates, take a look at their responsibilities and see if it’s time to add to the team.

4. Opportunity Knocks

If you see a growth possibility for your business, but your current team is at capacity, bring on a new contractor to take on the new project or shoulder some of the responsibility for current tasks.

5. You Lack Fundamental Knowledge

Let’s say you know a membership website or online class is the best way to share your expertise with your fans.

There’s only one problem: you have no idea how to set up a membership website and neither does anyone on your current team. You could fumble around with it for a month or so, make some mistakes and get frustrated… Or you could hire someone who can set it up for you quickly and easily.

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