It is quite easy to control blood sugar level naturally, if you understand the reason behind hyperglycemia. The food we eat is broken down into glucose for easy absorption by the cells. This glucose is stored in the blood and absorbed by our cells with the aid of insulin. When body fat increases due to overweight, improper diet and various other reasons, the cells are unable to absorb the glucose in the blood with ease. Pancreas, a vital organ in our body keeps secreting more and more insulin to facilitate glucose absorption by the cells. This results in high blood sugar level or hyperglycemia. Here are the three C's you should take care to keep your blood sugar level in check.

Change the lifestyle: The best way to control blood sugar level naturally is by changing the lifestyle. The three important aspects for healthy living are

1. Good sleep
2. Stress free life and
3. Increased physical activity

You can enroll in a yoga class, learn ballroom dancing or simply use your bi-cycle for day to day commuting. Increased physical activity prevents accumulation of excess fat, the major cause of high blood sugar level. Engage yourself in simple activities you loved to do as a kid. Even, simple activities like washing the car manually will help you a lot in burning the problematic excess fat.

Count the calories: The greatest challenge for diabetic patients is controlling their crave for sweets. It might seem impossible at first, but doable. Here are some easy tips to control blood sugar level naturally through diet

1. Consult a nutritionist and get into the habit of eating natural fruits whenever you feel like eating sweets.

2. Take lean beef and pork cuts instead of hot dogs. Eat plenty of fish and oysters instead of fried meat. Be it lamb or ham; take a resolution to consume less.

3. There are several recipes in internet which combines freshly baked vegetables like beans, carrots and broccoli with lamb and pork chops. Start using them to eat your favorite items in a healthy way.

4. Eat little at regular intervals to handle that ever increasing crave for food efficiently. Snack healthily for four to six times a day instead of stuffing yourselves with heaps of meat three times a day.

5. B complex and bioflavonoid food supplements will help you a lot in compensating the energy loss incurred due to controlled diet. Even a simple cinnamon supplement will help control blood sugar level naturally.

6. Diabkil herbal supplement for diabetes helps in normalizing the blood sugar level naturally. It is also useful in preventing the complications associated with this disease.

Care for cholesterol: Differentiating between good cholesterol HDL and bad cholesterol triglycerides will help you improve your overall health a lot. There are several herbal supplements to balance the good and bad cholesterol in our blood. Consult your physician and start using one. Also check your thyroid regularly to see if that is the reason for increased blood sugar level. There are literally thousands of ways to control blood sugar level naturally. We have described only three. If the patient is determined to fight diabetics, help is galore both online and offline.

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