Are you planning about selling your Vancouver home and are worried about how to maximize its value? Well, landscaping is one of the easiest ways to add value to your house. According to research, landscaping can increase the value of your house by 15% to 20%.

1. Plant Trees:
One of the easiest and most effective ways to add face value to your home is to plant trees on your lawn. Trees enhance the beauty of your home as well as keep our environment pleasant. The release of Oxygen from the trees leads to the production of fresh air which is very beneficial for health. In addition, every buyer tries to buy a house with trees around it. This clearly shows how much a tree can add to the face value of a house.

2. Create Privacy:
Who does not want privacy especially at home where he spends most of his time, that is why landscaping should be done in such a way that privacy is properly maintained. Reducing the length of windows, if they are quite big, arranging suitable barriers and fences around the garden can be very useful and can significantly increase the value of the house.

3. Keep it as Low Maintenance as Possible:
In order to increase the value of the house, it is important that you do landscaping in such a way that it does not cost too much on maintenance, because maintenance is something that has to be done from time to time and if you have built your house in such a way that you have to spend unnecessarily on its maintenance, they will not be beneficial in any case because no buyer would want to spend thousands of dollars just on maintaining the landscape.

4.Outdoor Lighting:
Exterior looks are often overlooked during home landscaping which can have a bad effect on the value of the house. Landscape lighting in particular is a favorite of many homebuyers. so this is a good option that help you significantly increase the value of your house because it does not only enhances beauty of the house but also helps to improves its security

5. Go For Year-Round Style:
Another important idea to keep in mind while landscaping is that the house has the same theme for all seasons, I.e. its splendor does not diminish with changing seasons because it usually happens that the price at which house is sold in summer is not the same as in winter, the reason is that the decoration is not done is such a way as to maintain its attraction throughout the year.

Although the list of options that can add value to your house is quite long but hope the above simple ideas would have helped you enough to get an idea the next time you get stuck with the thought of how to increase house value with simple landscaping.
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