Like other important places in the house, a bathroom is also an important place which, if not kept properly, not only affects the attractiveness of the house but also makes the person dissatisfied. You may have seen the renovations of big hotels in Vancouver Canada, how beautifully they are decorated with modern design and equipment that one cannot help but be impressed.
If you are looking for ways to make your bathroom look, modern, elegant, and comfortable, then we have come up with some simple and effective ways to help you get such a bathroom

1. Proper Ventilation:
Whether the house is newly built or has been built for a long time, when we talk about the decoration and renovation of its bathrooms, the most important thing is its ventilation system. If you want to increase the beauty of your bathroom and always keep it clean, you should pay special attention to the ventilation. The use of exhaust fan and windows will not only e eliminate the moisture and prevent mold creation due to excessive water usage but also keep the fresh air circulation

2. Consider Lighting:
Lighting is something that most people forget when building a new bathroom but you must have an idea of how bad the look can be if it is bad. When you are working on bathroom lighting, it is best to let as much natural light enter as possible, for that you can use two or three different windows.
Secondly, the proper use of artificial lighting can also have calming effects. The overhead lights are appropriate with LEDs, but remember that they provide board spectrum as narrow-spectrum can cause irritation.

3. Update Fixtures:
Updating the necessary fixture is an important and easy renovation technique that will give the bathroom a new look. Replacing old showerheads and taps with new ones can give a pleasing visual lift. Along with updating fixtures, you can also swap out your showerhead and install a handheld sprayer in its place that will ease chores like rinsing hair and cleaning the tub

4. Paint:
While looking for renovations ideas paint cannot be overlooked. Painting the walls of the bathroom with a fresh coat of paint can significantly improve its look and charm. In addition, paint can be used to guard mold and resist steam and condensation making your walls look fresher for longer.

5. Incorporate Convenient Storage:
If your bathroom is not too small you have the option to add stylish bathroom storage using flea market finds. Place a freestanding piece of furniture with a different storage bin for each family member to keep bathroom essentials in an organized manner.

Are You Ready To Remodel:
No doubt bathroom remodel can be an exciting process but it does require some assistance from a professional especially if you have not experienced any DIY project before. We have a team of expert who has been helping hundreds of people to get their dream house built.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas. We, the best custom home builders in Vancouver Canada, will be happy to help you plan the next step.

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