You worry that you worry too much about money…

You worry that your worry and your desire for more money will stop you making money…

And so then you try hard to stop worrying about money and stop wanting to have more money…

Because, in your mind, wanting more money means you must be evil and maybe, it will make you do evil things…

Maybe God will hate you and send down some mighty punishment because you want more money and you worry so much about it…

Maybe you will become a selfish rich person and all your friends will hate you…

Maybe it makes you less holy to want more money…

Maybe because you want it so much, it will be permenently witheld from you as a punishment for wanting it…

And so you try hard to resist the desire for more…

But honey, what you resist, persists and so, in fact, you find that the desire gets bigger and bigger…

So big in fact that you seem to spend your whole life thinking about your lack of money, seeing it in every thing, wondering what you have done to deserve this lack and you try hard to say all the affirmations and resist the negativity but the negativity is overwhelming and the more you try to fight it, the bigger it gets.

It is time to release the valve.

1.It is okay to want to make more money

IT IS OKAY TO WANT WHAT YOU WANT.  Stop resisting it.  Stop making it mean more than it does.  You can live a life of purpose and have a whole lot of money.  It is OKAY to want more money.  Abundance is your birthright and any state of being that feels like lack, IS LACK.

2. You do not need to pretend to feel an abundance you do not feel yet.

Feel what you feel.  Stop trying to pretend you do not feel a sense of lack – YOU DO!

And yes, I know about all the affirmations and such that you should say to combat it but again, I tell you, what you resist will persist so acknowledge the way you feel right now about money.

If it feels like you are pushing and pushing and getting nowhere – Acknowledge that that is the way you feel at the moment as you figure out how to get to a place of feeling abundance.

3. God does not mind if you are rich or not

Stop being fearful about what your higher power wants.  Your feeling of lack is not a punishment – It is just what it is for now.  You are the one in the driver’s seat when it comes to wealth creation.  You can choose to relinquish responsibility to some teaching you heard from some preacher when you were 6 years old about how you cannot be rich and purpose-driven

OR you can decide to do what it takes to create wealth and live out a life of meaning, authenticity and purpose.

Creating wealth is a matter for you to decide on.  You are loved whatever you choose.


Then do the work to create it.  There are a few simple principles to follow – Build an audience, have something they want, offer it for sale repeatedly until you create the wealth you want.  Stop allowing fear and trepidation stifle your creativity – Just do the work.

5. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Seek to replace your worries and fears by acknowledging what you do have now.

Your brain has only capacity for so much thinking so if you choose to deliberately think of things you can be thankful for, you might just crowd out all that worry and instead start to feel lighter inside.

Again, this is not an exercise in resisting your feeling of worry and lack, this is just a deliberate decision to also acknowledge  the things you do have to be grateful for.  One of the biggest reasons you succumb to feelings of ‘not enough money’, ‘not getting all the wealth I want’, is because you have forgotten just how blessed you are.  So, make a point of writing out your blessings daily and choose to FEEL grateful.

Simple ideas to help you go from feeling desperate to feeling like anything is possible.

Because it really is, if you decide that you will have it.

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