B2B lead generation is no easy task. Most of the businesses find it quite hard to generate leads even in their niche markets. Everyone tries to find concrete leads even using the internet to get more targeted prospects with no results. Buying expensive leads from vendors does not guarantee success especially if the contacts and lists they provide are general and not sorted or developed specifically for your needs.

The b2b sales leads can be used by your team to connect with and stretch out to market your products and services. Only a handful of marketers use techniques and adequate research skills for generating quality leads which can be looked at to be potential buyers. However, this does generate them some profit but requires significant time.

A recent study by Accenture found that more than 90% of B2B customers do online research before reaching any conclusive buying decision. It may be in your best interest to outsource your b2b lead generation as the third party can generate leads more effectively and may help you get an edge over your competition.

Let’s discuss a few strategies that may help you generate new and qualified leads for your b2b sales:

1.Cold emails and warm calls: Merge tags can be used to personalize your emails. They allow you to replace the name of the person or company you are addressing which helps these emails look personalised to all leads and may not seem as cold. This increases your chances of receiving a revert. Try and avoid making cold calls. Calling someone out of the blue who may or may not be interested in your product is a time waste. Instead, call someone who has heard of you and would not hang up on you at least. This can be very effective if approached properly.

2.Nurture Leads with automation: Once you have a list of email addresses you can make use of the new technique of marketing automation softwares and create separate lists of contacts and target them with specific messages related to their needs which can help with conversion. SQL or sales qualified leads can also be used by your team to increase the chances of conversions. Many automation softwares, even the outbounds can increase emails at scale and help in nurturing the leads and turn them from a prospect to an SQL.

3.Live chats via website: No matter the development in tech, more than 40% of customers still prefer live chats or calls over other ways of customer support. It allows organisations to connect with their customers instantly. This is a good way to collect more leads by email submission and these leads can be nurtured to generate b2b leads.

4.Optimizing the website: Every landing page should in one way or another offer the same solution that a potential customer could want. It could be done via keyword optimization or search or through google advertisements. To help with more b2b lead generation make use of techniques of conversion optimization like CTA ( Call to action). You can also provide free whitepapers, datasheets, ebooks etc and can gather information like name, business, position, etc. from the visitor. However, here a third party landing page cannot help you increase SEO rankings for your website. Your own landing pages and server only can help do that. You need to get more traffic to your website.

5.Use blogs and newsletters for more b2b lead generation: Producing good content in the form of blogs and newsletters that can actually help readers can help you generate leads. You can create backlinks as well to generate more b2b leads by writing and posting good quality content on other websites. On the other hand, producing a weekly or monthly newsletter can help you stay connected to your existing client base.

These are very small and simple tips that can help you with b2b lead generation. However, trial and error is the way to go and that is how new strategies are developed.

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Joseph Tall is a competent product specialist with years of experience at Soleadify prescribed it to be one of the best lead generation tools he has ever come across.