I have been working on a project that has become eternal and I’m getting frustrated. I have nothing to show for my hard work. I feel the project is stagnant. Day after day nothing changes and I find myself thinking: how long can I continue without giving up? Doubt has invaded me. I know that getting away is not the answer, but these negative feelings are starting to kill my creativity.

Staying motivated is even more difficult when it comes to planning things that seem to last for years. This does not mean that we should get away from those projects. Write down these tips and strategies to keep you focused.

1. Feed your soul. There are many ways to do this.
Personally having friends from all over the world but especially from Latin America where Christian religion comprised more than 90% of Latin America’s population, I have learned a powerful prayer the: “salmo 91, oración poderosa”, as they call it that encourage me and give me the strength I need to enrich my soul.

Professionally, I believe that the best way to do this is to surround myself with people who are positive and who want the best for me. I need all the support I can get to rise up.

If I’m with a team, I know I can benefit from trusting them. I am in contact with these people to brainstorm and ask their opinion. If I ask a partner or someone to whom I respect their opinion, it usually gives me a solution to a problem for which I was worrying.

2. Do not lose sight of the goal. What is everything about? Did you forget it? Most of us forget the reason why we start one way or the other focusing on our daily problems. Do what you can to not forget your goals.

Write them down on a piece of paper and paste it in your computer. Find an image that represents your goal and hang it in a place that you see every day. Remembering why I do what I do always fills me with energy.

3. Ask for help. When something is not working, stop and ask your boss, manager or mentor how it’s done. Do not wait long. When I find myself stuck, I know that someone with experience will be able to share some light for my problem. Listen; also ask questions.

4. Have a hobby. What makes you happy outside of work? If you have trouble answering this question, maybe you have a problem. I don´t have many hobbies, but I love to be in my garden. My backyard is my domain. I do not depend on other people and I´m always available for me. When I feel sad or stressed, I like to plant things, since I find it very relaxing.

5. Give something back. Stop focusing on yourself and in your business for a moment. Find a way to help someone else. Donate your time.

Keeping yourself motivated is not easy, especially when the goal you have in mind seems to be farther than ever.

Success takes time; there will be red and green lights. You’ve heard this before, but I´ll say it again: It is better that you try to enjoy the journey because, speaking from my experience, reaching the top will not be as exciting as you thought.

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