Whether you are relocating for a new job or change of scenery, the very first question that comes to mind is how to accomplish the move. There are a lot of tasks and phases involved in moving and most important of them is hiring reliable movers in West Palm Beach, whom you can trust to handle your belongings with care. But how can you tell if a mover is good? and how good are they? Have they had any complaints from their previous clients? Here are some tips so that you can make sure that you are hiring a reputable company that you thought they were:

No Physical Address or Office: Nowadays many movers have a running and update website but they may not actually have an office. You need to carefully check these websites and look whether they have mentioned a city address or just a P.O number. If you find an address, it is important that you find out whether it is genuine or not. Track out if an address mentioned is really a building that houses companies or merely an empty lot. Being careful with a bit of research will make sure you are not being scammed or been offered crappy services.

Logo: One simple way of checking whether the movers in West Palm Beach are legitimate or not is to check their moving trucks. Since every legitimate mover embeds their logo along with a phone number on their moving truck, you need to be suspicious if you don't find one. They use this as a rolling billboard to advertise their company and services, while they get paid to move your properties around.

Reviews /Social Media Presence: Word-of-mouth marketing can be a business’s best friend or worst enemy. As a consumer, it’s a win-win. Rely on your personal and professional network to get the lowdown on a company before you hire them. Ask specific questions regarding the experience. Was the company easy to work with? Did they offer an honest all inclusive, flat rate price upfront? Your friends are one of the most trustworthy sources to get an opinion from.
Similarly, Look at the customer reviews of the company and find out how they are like. If you find a lot of negative reviews about a company, remove them from your list. Also, if you notice that every review there seems too positive, chances are the reviews were faked and you need to be wary of that company.

Hesitates on Phone or Lack basic etiquettes: If you find a moving company on the internet, do not be afraid to call them and ask questions. The types of companies you want to do business with are the ones who are patient, knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you may have so if they hesitate to answer your questions or if they sound bored or irritated or lack professionalism, in the way that they interact with you, they are most likely a scam.

Refuses in-home survey: A mover can provide you accurate binding quotes on after they inspect your belongings. So if a mover insists on phone estimates and refuses to come to see what you have in your home, your red flag meter should be moving.

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