The bride might love her spouse to the moon and back, but the love that the sister of the bride gets is immeasurable and incomparable. Sisters share a weird and love-filled relation and as one of them is getting married, the other has to express the love and all the adorable feelings and using dance as an expression is a brilliant idea.

The wedding photographers must be told that something this special is being prepared for the bride and all the guests so that they can place the camera in the right direction to capture the precious moments. If you are thinking about enunciating your fondness for your sister by burning the dance floor, then we have the best suggestions for the songs on which you will love to groove and entertain all the onlookers.

  1. Piya Piya O Piya – When we talk about the affection shared among the sisters, and then Bollywood offers us one great song that reflects the bond the best. Piya Piya O Piya from the movie Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega is the ultimate song that is fun-filled and will let you bring back the old memories of arguments and loving, that you have spent together and will be missing, once she leaves the home to start her married life.
  2. Drama Queen – Every sister is a Drama Queen in her home and all her tantrums are supposed to be picked by another sister. Tell everyone how wobbly moods and paroxysm with the dance on this song from Hassee To Phasee. The first paragraph of the song literally fits every moody and stubborn girl and if that is your sister, dedicate it to her – “Dekho to bholi kitni, but utni hi tedi cheez hai”.
  3. Laung Gawacha – Punjabi music raises the bar for all the music and songs and the ones grooving on it are surely enjoying it to their best. If you are thinking to dedicate a dance performance to your sister who is going to tie the knots really soon, there could be no better option than Laung Gawacha. It is the best song to set the mood and show your crazy dance moves to the world.
  4. Desi Girl – A great Indian wedding is incomplete without the bride styled in Indian style and wearing dazzling Indian attire. When your sister will be all dolled up, it will be your duty to make her feel special and wanted with all the things you can do. Choreograph a dance performance on Desi Girl to make her happy, blissful and joyous.
  5. Cheez Badi hai mast mast – Your sister might be the cutest and most happening person in your life. You know all her darkest secrets and realise what a unique piece she is. Prepare some epic steps on the song ‘Tu Cheez badi hai mast mast’ to entertain the audience and make your sister realise what a unique mess she is and how much you will be missing her.

The marriage photographers who are hired to click the best pictures must be allotted a proper space to record the dance of the bride’s sister as it turns out to be a memory worth remembering. Hire the photographers that are professional and have a knack in this field so that they won’t disappoint you with the results later on.

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