Unless you’re a hermit, you’ve probably already seen signs that signify the beginning of the “gift giving” season. In fact the Friday after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday) officially signals the start of gift shopping. We’ve come to accept this season as the “giving” time of the year. Strangely however, the deed of giving is far more than a seasonal custom. The practice goes far beyond the display of a neatly packaged and wrapped presents. In the spirit of bringing that truth alive, I’ve compiled 5 spiritual truths about giving:

Giving has little to do with “things.” We’ve programmed ourselves to believe that in order to give we must exchange things or buy presents. However we should stop and ask ourselves what we’re really trying to accomplish? I believe that most of us would discover that we give as an expression of love and gratitude. This intent can be fulfilled in many ways other than giving a “thing.” A little creativity and a spirited intent goes a long way. You can give a specially prepared meal, poem, or artwork. You can surprise someone with a trip to the beach or picnic. It doesn’t have to cost you much. You are only limited by your inventiveness.

The cost of giving is receiving. The wonderful thing about giving is that the reward is experienced by both the receiver and giver. It feels great to surprise and acknowledge a loved one with a gift. We feel good when we extent love regardless of the form that the gift takes. From a spiritual perspective we are all one. We are connected. Within this context, it makes sense that the act of giving can be mutually beneficial. This is good reason to extend the practice of giving throughout the year.

The more we give the more we have. When we make a conscious choice to extend love and give (regardless of its form) we reaffirm that we HAVE more. From a metaphysical perspective every thought creates form on some level. Each time we birth the thought that we have something to give we increase our conviction that we are unlimited in resources. That belief attracts more experiences of abundance.

Spiritual gifts are eternal. Gifts embedded in the spirit of love extend well beyond our capacity to measure. Even in a casual encounter situation, the act of putting self interest aside to make someone smile will carry with them even after they’ve left your presence. Consumer research shows that the effortless act of greeting a client in a retail store increases the conversion rate by 50%. That’s more business for the retailer evolved enough to recognize the opportunity. The simple gift of encouragement may inspire someone to act on something they otherwise wouldn’t. The amplification of the spirited gift is indefinite.

Every moment presents an occasion to give. Provided we have the dexterity to see the act of giving beyond the commercial definition, the fortuity to practice giving is constant. Even in moments where we are alone we have the opportunity. You can give good thoughts and prayers to someone in need. You can give to yourself in the form of affirmations or physical self care (warm bath, meditation, yoga.) You give to life itself by gardening or taking care of pets. There is never a time when you can’t give.

The act of giving is in our nature. It is not limited to the month of December, nor is defined by how much you spend. The act of giving is an expression of love. Your capacity to extend love is evidence of love within you.

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Craig Villarrubia is a Spiritual Mentor, Speaker and Life Coach. He is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a background in Eastern philosophy. If you're inspired by spiritual growth and self development visit him at http://www.craigvillarrubia.com On his site you'll find FREE articles, videos and podcasts that serve as a resource to spiritual enlightenment. Or you can connect with Craig on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/craigvillarrubia