1. Cleanse
2. Explore
3. Acceptance
4. Affirm
5. Maintain


Make certain you are comfortable in your physical environment. Is it clean enough for you, are the smells conducive to connecting to your Higher Self, is the piece of furniture you are sitting on supporting your physical comfort? Maybe you want to add some gentle background music, or candles. Once you have the physical space clean it’s time to cleanse your energy.

To begin the energy cleansing offer up all conditioned beliefs to be released. Ask Spirit to fill your crown chakra with the white light of love and acceptance. As the light fills your body begin to notice your physical sensations as the light travels and nourishes each chakra. You are filling with the light of love and acceptance. Imagine you are washing out all the negative, toxic energy of the day. As the white light filters down to your feet allow the vision to carry all the toxicity of the day down the drain. Once you are centered and feel at peace begin to explore.


There is a place deep within our own bodies that we have access to direct guidance from Spirit. There is a unique feel to it. It is often a feel we cannot put into words but rather must experience. Dive into the core of your existence and connect to your Higher Power. Allow the connection to ignite your thoughts. You will feel the feeling first and watch as it gracefully turns into a thought. As the thoughts manifest trust in what your five sense are bringing to your attention. Allow the sixth sense to develop by exploring the feelings associated with the senses.


Once you are in rhythm with the feelings of your Higher Self focus on what is calling to you the loudest. What feeling is begging to be expressed? Acknowledge and embrace the feeling; no judgment, no criticism for it, simply allow it be. Focus you attention on acceptance. Acceptance for what is. Don’t take yourself to a place that makes excuses for it or to a place that tries to push it away. Try using the phrase IT IS WHAT IT IS. Think of yourself as the observer. Begin to affirm how powerful you are at “doing” your life.


The ability to process your thoughts and create positive affirmations is key to manifesting life. Our thoughts are naturally conditioned by life. We have worn certain labels for so long that often times we forget what we want and even who we truly are. Affirmations are feelings put into words. I encourage you to feel your way through the process of affirming. Center yourself on one particular feeling. Once you have the feeling explore how it can be called into your life. Is there a release that needs to happen, or a shift in processing? Once you have identified the feeling focus your thoughts on what it is you came here to create, to be, or to do. Find your hearts desires fulfilled with every breath.


Now that you have set the stage you are ready for the real work. It’s great to set the feelings and the thoughts in place but the truth is ACTION is needed throughout the entire process. Another law, the law of physics states nothing happens until something moves. How true! Attracting the life you desire is possible for anyone, that is anyone who is prepared to work for it. By work for it I mean we cannot simply state we want a mansion and sit on the couch and eat cheese curls there is work to the process. Physical, emotional, and spiritual work brings positive order to all life.

The steps outlined once practiced will be become a natural way to manifest. Like driving a car you will naturally experience the process effortlessly. I imagine there will be people who will question my approach and to them I will say, this is my truth and so far so great for me!

Author's Bio: 

Veronica is an International Spiritual Coach who supports people to achieve balance and harmony in their lives. She inspires clients to explore their spiritual self. In an era when the pursuit of self-improvement often means hiring personal trainers, fad diets and therapists, as the spiritual coach – Veronica is heeding the call of people who speak of inner guidance systems and reconnecting to their heart to enable them to live balanced authentic lives.

Veronica is also a gifted intuitive who speaks Soul to Soul in her readings. As a Holistic Life Coach she creates a Soul Vision with her clients she lovingly supports them to bring about clarity and focus from a Soul Perspective. Visit her at www.spiritualcoachveronicadrake.com to learn more.