The difference between you and every single person out there, is that you have vision.

Vision about what you want to create in your life and business/ministry…

Vision about the money you will make from your books, music…

A great big huge vision…

And a determination that it absolutely IS HAPPENING!

That is the major difference between you and every other ‘norm’ out there.

Now, most people think they have to live out of what is currently happening in their life, right now.

So they focus on the amount of money they have (or do not have) now…

They focus on the lack of time they feel now…

They focus on the lack of confidence they have now…

They focus on what is currently happening, instead of focusing on what they intend to create…

And so they keep creating the same old, same old results…

Whereas you…  You see something bigger and better than what is currently playing out in your life now and you choose to live from it.  If you don’t do this at the moment, then see this as permission to start now.

Because honey, the only way, you get any different results is not by looking at what is now occuring in your life and reacting to it but rather, you must look at what you do want to create and act out of that.

Act as that person already.

Imagine Jesus (whether you believe in him or not – I imagine you have heard the stories)…  Imagine he had acted from what people thought he was – Just the son of a carpenter with nothing important to say – If he had acted from that place – we would not have heard of him at all.

Imagine Nelson Mandela had acted from the place of aggrieved black man, though he had the right to act as that person, where would South Africa be now?  Would he ever have been a significant leader at all?  No!  Instead, he acted from his vision of what could be, not in reaction to what was.

And you get that choice every single day – To react to every thing you see around you or to ACT FROM THE VISION YOU HAVE.

To BE the person you choose to BE!

Tell me, if you were right now the author making money form your words, from your books – What would you now be doing?

OK, so your first reaction might be to say something along the lines of “NOTHING! I would be sleeping on a beach somewhere!” – And yes, maybe that would be your first response but I want you to go deeper than that.

Because you might take a break from the hard work for a little while but if you are the leader I see you as, you know that that would not last indefinitely.  At some point, you would feel called back to do the work your heart longs to do.

And you would get on with creating again.

You would get back to writing – Whether for the world to consume or just to fulfil the call on your life.

A writer has to write.

It is that simple.

A musician needs to create music…

A speaker needs to speak…

A business person needs to create more business…

Whatever your thing is, you are a creator and a creator needs to create.

And right now, in this moment, you are already all that you are supposed to be and so, even though all appearances would seek to tell you that there is lack all around and that you should just do what you need to do to survive…

You have to go into battle against that way of thinking…

Because that will keep you trapped in survival mode.  Just maintaining the status quo, just getting by.

To step fully into successful creator mode, you have to step fully into creator mode. Simple as.

And you do that by acting from the vision of what could be, rather than the reality of what is.

Yes, it may seem crazy and strange and deluded to think that just because you see it in your mind’s eye that you should believe and act from it.

And yet, you must.

Because maintaining the status quo, living in the chaos of the moment is not going to create abundance in your life, it will just keep things ticking over.  If you want something different, you are going to have to act differently.

And I don’t care how good your current life is.

IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT, SOMETHING EVEN BETTER, then you are going to have to act as the person who created that ‘something different’ even now in this moment when things are ok.

You have to deliberately design the life you want out of the vision you have for the life you want.

You will not design it by looking at your current circumstances and thinking about where you can fit in your vision…

You wil not design it by looking at the circumstances of everyone around you and thinking that you will just do a little more than they do…

You will not design it by thinking you cannot do it based on the reality you see right now.

You create it by seeing it first in your mind’s eye and by starting to act as THAT PERSON…

The person you really are, without all the layers that life has placed on you…

Outside of the box that people have fit you into.

You become the leader you are born to be and it starts now.


Will you make that decision?

1.Write out the vision

Do it daily.  You get clearer and clearer on it, the more you do it.  Fight the resistance to do it as you look at your current situation and think that it is impossible – Fight the tendency to downplay your own vision.  Write it down, do nt filter it, write it ALL down.

2. Visualise yourself living it out

Feel the feelings, smell the smells, build up your faith by using your God given imagination to see all that you hoose to be, do, have and create it now.

3. Act as that person

What is the next step you would take as that person?  That successful person who already is living out your vision?  What would you be doing?  Do it now.

Don’t overthink it – Just do it now.

4. Stay consistent

The more consistent you are at acting as that person, the quicker you will create it in reality.  The biggest battle you will fight is staying confident that you can deliberately design the life you want.  But you must understand that it really all comes down to a decision to keep going until you create it.

5. Do the work

It will probably take more time, more energy, more effort than you ever imagined but it will be worth it.

So get on and do the work.

If you are a leader that wants accountability and support to deliberately design the life you want, message me now on Facebook ( and let’s have a complimentary consultation where we will explore what you want to make happen, what stands in your way and I will make a few recommendations to help you get it.

Fight for, create the life you are born to lead.

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