1. Ask yourself, under the umbrella of life, what do you enjoy helping people with the most? When your friends come to you for advice, what life area do you feel the most passionate and confident talking about?
2. Okay, keep that in mind. Put it in your back pocket. Now ask your friends and family, people who know you the best, what they think your strengths are. Why do they pick you to come to for advice?
3. Now take the answers to both questions and pull out what overlaps. What are the common themes?
4. Your niche is buried in the overlap. Pick what resonates with you the most. Also, you may have a few. But for now, just pick one. I know that’s tough but it’s the only way to move forward.
Remember, your niche is like your major in college. You may change it many times. Coaches think if they pick one niche, they have to stick with it forever. That’s not true. As you embark on your life coaching journey, your niche can and will probably change. Because you will change and your gifts will expand.
5. Now that you have an area of life you want to specialize in, how are you going to do it?
This is the fun part. The way you go into things, your style, your energy, your tone, your execution, your methodology, your voice, your language, your structure. This is the place where you can be an artist. But like any art, it takes practice. This is why I say your niche is grown. It is a process.
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